Key Findings: Stepping Up the In-Person Experience for Retailers and Restaurateurs [INFOGRAPHIC]

What qualities do you think retailers and restaurateurs look for in an in-person experience? According to key findings of an April 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Revel Systems iPad POS, Step Up The In-Person Experience, it is safe to say a lot more than the basics. A strong focus for retailers and restaurateurs is on the experience for both their customers and their employees. The competition is rough and if you don't offer the right in-house experience people expect, you will be left behind. Check out the top 3 key highlights from the recent Step Up The In-Person Experience infographic to discover how you can improve the way you do business:


Forrester Infographic1. Digital technologies and empowered employees go hand-in-hand
The digital experience is more central to the customer experience than ever. And it’s proven with what retailers and restaurateurs shared are their top 3 qualities that they look for in an excellent in-person experience: ability to engage customers through digital channels, up-to-date technologies, and knowledgeable and helpful employees. A whopping 93% agreed that it is important to intertwine digital technologies to enhance the customer experience. A big part of the digital world, especially for restaurants and retail stores, includes Point of Service (POS) systems, the central nervous system for businesses. POS systems are core to providing the ultimate digital experience capabilities, from mobile ordering to omni-channel fulfillment to name a few.

2. Point of Service is evolving into a powerful platform
In today’s world, POS systems can do so much more than just process transactions. Things have changed significantly for POS systems since the basic cash register days. As of now, it’s all about the cloud - modern businesses turn to cloud-based POS systems for flexibility and customizability. However, subpar POS integrations keep businesses from meeting customer expectations. And a large reason why this is the case is because most businesses think POS integrations are too costly or complex. Currently, only 45% of retailers and 44% of restaurants, on average have a given back-end system integrated with their POS system - severely restricting the functionality that employees need to service customers and optimize operations. Revel believes that, for businesses, it might be worth considering paying the higher price tag for a POS system that will significantly enhance the in-person experience for both customers and employees.

3. It’s all about data
The more data the better! Businesses are now able to leverage POS technology to collect data and insights on customers to quickly determine customer wants and personalize the buying experience. With rich POS data, business owners are able to effectively improve strategy and operations overall. And businesses agree, with 86%, 84%, and 83% sharing that the opportunity to collect new insights on customers, operations, and products, respectively, has influence on the decision-making process when searching for the right POS system.

Restaurants and retail stores are constantly changing to stay ahead of the competition. Get a head start and step up the in-person experience by downloading the full study here.