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Operations and Fulfillment Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel Systems | December 30, 2021 |

Featured People POS Spotlight
Operations and Fulfillment Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

How Amanda Helps Execute Operations and Fulfillment at Revel

Our “People POS” series spotlights just some of the many Revel Systems® teammates behind the leading cloud-native point of sale (POS) on the market. 

We recently featured Harry, an enterprise expansion sales executive who is passionate about helping Revel clients realize growth opportunities. 

We’re thrilled to feature Amanda next, another critical member of team Revel. Amanda and her team are the reason Revel hardware makes it into the hands of restaurant and retail operators worldwide. Read on to learn more about what Amanda has learned during her six-year tenure with the “People POS.”

Meet Amanda

Upon accepting the supply chain manager role at Revel, Amanda recalls having a good feeling about the opportunity to work at a point of sale (POS) platform provider that was beginning to make a name for itself in the industry. Up until then, she had bounced around between a few different jobs after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in supply chain management. 

“I found myself staying at my previous roles for a year and a half or less. I just felt like I plateaued very quickly and wasn’t being challenged. I didn’t see a future for myself in those roles,” Amanda explains. 

Nearly six years and three positions after starting with Revel, Amanda is now the senior director of operations and fulfillment for the company, and proudly leads mission-critical teams focused on supply chain management, operations, and the fulfillment of client orders. 

On the operational and supply chain side, Amanda works very closely with colleagues based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She also has the pleasure of working with Revel’s fulfillment team—including fulfillment manager Jose who was recently featured on our blog—which is based in Tempe, Arizona. 

“Going from an individual contributor to having dozens of people in my organization has been quite the experience—it’s been a lot of fun and I feel incredibly lucky. I have leaders on my team that are phenomenal and make my job look easy. They’re extremely qualified and run their teams effortlessly,” says Amanda. 

Armed with highly skilled colleagues, Amanda has the opportunity to focus on strategic initiatives that play into the future of Revel’s supply chain, which directly impacts the hardware we put in the hands of both new and existing clients. 

A Closer Look at Operations and Fulfillment Today

According to Amanda, a typical day at Revel consists of “a lot of meetings.” And that’s exactly how she likes it. 

“Having as much experience as I do here at Revel, I’ve been able to catalog previous mistakes and successes and learn from all of them,” Amanda explains. “It’s made me a bit of a go-to person for advice, and I think people know I can poke holes in things. I really love getting the chance to play that role.” 

While Revel’s supply chain point person is constantly working to secure hardware and maintain Revel’s relationships with various vendors, the operations team stays focused on supporting sales in order to get their orders into the system and processed. Those orders then reach Revel’s fulfillment team where Revelers pick, pack and ship everything according to client orders. 

These teams work very closely together and are very dependent on each other for success. On top of working closely with these teams, Amanda focuses on developing cross-functional strategies to help meet Revel’s supply chain and operational goals.

“I’m always focused on how we can build out processes and plans to suit the needs of our clients, all without making messes. The past two years proved to be very challenging for the supply chain in general. I’ve always been a planner, and when I began to really anticipate the effects of the pandemic, I went to the executive team to recommend a new plan that would help improve our shipping lead times,” Amanda explains. “Overall, this strategy worked pretty well. It’s really about keeping a pulse on our vendors and the industry. As a team, we weathered the storm and avoided a lot of catastrophes.”

While Amanda first noticed issues with the supply chain in 2020 due to sick staff and consequently labor shortages, major issues with shipping container logistics soon followed. Today, chip shortages are making it hard for consumers to buy a plethora of different types of technology, from washing machines to cars. In Amanda’s eyes, that is the nature of the supply chain beast, and it certainly keeps her on her toes. 

How Amanda Brings It Home

Amanda’s experience at employers prior to Revel taught her a lot about what she needed from a role to be successful. Autonomy and the ability to run with new ideas were both needs that topped her list. 

“I love the autonomy I have at Revel. I am often my own worst critic and consider myself to be very self-disciplined, so I don’t always need someone over my shoulder,” Amanda says. 

Revel offers her that, plus some. The icing on the cake for Amanda was growing into a team manager during her time at Revel. 

“I wasn’t always sure what type of manager I would be,” Amanda says. “I truly appreciate my team, and it’s been so much fun to watch them grow. They also help me grow—they make me look good and I try to be very honest about the fact that my success is due to them.” 

For Amanda, the growth she has experienced at Revel is unrivaled, and she’s thankful for a job that continuously challenges her to think in new ways.

“Revel has proven the test of time and the pieces really fell into place for me here,” she explains. “I genuinely love working, and Revel makes it fun. I’ve met some of my best friends here.” 

Noteworthy Extras

After starting her career with Revel in San Francisco, CA in 2016, Amanda had the opportunity to move cross-country and join a team of Revelers based out of our headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Amanda jumped at the chance to experience a new city and extend her network of Revel colleagues. Nearly three years later, Amanda and her husband recently bought their first home in Atlanta. 

“I feel like one of my strengths is building relationships. I was fortunate to create really strong relationships in San Francisco and it was great to have the opportunity to come to Atlanta and create new ones here,” Amanda says. “I find that having a close relationship with my colleagues helps me find compromise, and it makes it easier to get down to what they need and what I need. Building relationships is really important to me and I think it helps my whole team be successful.”

Now a proud member of the Atlanta community, Amanda loves spending her time outside of work being a self-proclaimed homebody. Cooking and reading top her list of favorite activities, and pre-pandemic, she was an avid traveler. Since the pandemic has resulted in less travel for both work and pleasure, Amanda and her husband are considering adding a dog to the family as well. 

What’s Next

If the pandemic has taught Amanda and her team anything, it is that flexibility is key and pivoting is simply a chance to try something new and learn from it. Many Revel clients have likely had similar takeaways, and we’re proud to supply the platform to help them do just that.

In the new year, you’ll likely find Amanda keeping a watchful eye on supply chain health, continuing to support the constant wins resulting from her team, and hopefully experiencing a few less shipping delays.