Enterprise Expansion Sales Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel Blog | Revel Systems | December 2, 2021 |

People POS Spotlight

How Harry Helps Execute Enterprise Expansion Sales at Revel

Our “People POS” series spotlights just some of the many Revel Systems® teammates behind the leading cloud-native point of sale (POS) on the market, and we’re back with a fresh take. Most recently we featured Jose, a fulfillment manager based in Tempe, Arizona and the work his team does to ensure clients have the hardware they need to run their businesses.  

Before Jose and his team can help fulfill orders in the warehouse, our sales team must first sell prospects and clients on the value of Revel’s platform and add-on solutions. That’s where Harry steps in. As a tenured seller and current enterprise expansion executive, Harry helps get Revel’s technology in the hands of savvy business operators across the U.S.

Meet Harry

As an enterprise sales executive, Harry is more than just an experienced technology salesperson. He’s an avid traveler who—prior to the pandemic—loved to experience new cultures and new foods in foreign destinations. Harry considers himself an experience-seeker, and is always looking for his next adventure. 

Some of that love for travel may be rooted in his upbringing. Harry was born in Shanghai, China, and lived there until he was five years old when his family relocated to New Jersey in the U.S. 

Harry attended Villanova University in Pennsylvania where he majored in communications and aspired to work in the film industry. Like many college students, however, Harry changed his mind and decided to take an entry-level sales position at his father’s company after college. The company services the wine industry, and Harry recalls how valuable it was to get face time with different vendors, providers, and clients as he began to develop his sales acumen. 

Fast forward to 2015, Harry pursued a new sales opportunity at Yelp, a restaurant reviews platform, where his role consisted of cold calling and creating relationships with restaurant operators. 

After building a solid book of business at Yelp, Harry was connected with a recruiter from Revel who was in search of sales executives to help open an office in New York City. Intrigued by the role, Harry interviewed and was offered a junior account executive position. 

“I told the recruiter I needed time to think about it. I’m a big believer in signs in life and so I told myself I’d take the weekend to think about it,” Harry explains. “That Friday, our director of sales surprised us with a happy hour after a great sales month. The first thing I noticed at the bar we went to was the point of sale (POS) sitting on their counter. It was Revel.”

That was the sign he needed, and Harry accepted the role at Revel the following Monday. Nearly six years later, Harry has no regrets about making the switch.

“Accepting a role at Revel was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I’m more than thankful for the opportunities Revel has given me,” Harry says. 

A Closer Look at Enterprise Sales Today

Despite holding a variety of sales roles spanning his six-year tenure with Revel, today Harry works across the midmarket and enterprise sales divisions and assists with client expansion efforts. On a typical day, you’ll find Harry taking external calls with clients that revolve around technology rollouts and growth. 

“My main focus is to speak with clients at some of our largest accounts. I ensure everything is going smoothly and I have the chance to strategize with them around growth opportunities,” Harry explains. “For example, we often talk about new solution add-ons that might be of interest to their growing business, and also chat through contract renewals so that their service remains uninterrupted.”

When asked what Harry leads with when pitching Revel’s platform differentiators on a client-facing call, the fact that Revel is the leading cloud-native platform on the market always comes to mind. But, according to Harry, another factor he always highlights are the people behind Revel’s platform.  

“When someone asks me why they should choose Revel, I mostly find myself bragging about our people,” Harry says. “Many of our competitors can supply an adequate POS, but I think the people you work with at Revel are a game changer. We are called the ‘People POS’ for a reason.”

From account managers, to project managers, to our operations team and beyond, Revel’s people are truly dedicated to client success. They are a huge contributor to client satisfaction.

How Harry Brings It Home

When Harry first started at Revel’s office in New York City, he admits it was more of a bootstrapped operation and was primarily a sales office. There, he gradually grew from a junior account executive to a senior account executive, and the office matured alongside him. 

With too many sales wins to count under his belt in New York, Harry was asked if he wanted to move to Revel’s San Francisco office in 2019 and be a team lead. He jumped at the opportunity to expand his skillset and explore a new city. 

Upon arriving in San Francisco, Harry transitioned to the enterprise expansion role he’s in today.

“I realized I really liked working with our existing clients and helping them grow,” Harry says. “Last year I made the shift to midmarket and enterprise expansion sales. I enjoy working with our larger clients because the conversations we get to have are very forward thinking and strategic.”

Although the pandemic struck early on in his cross-country move, Harry is grateful that he’s gotten to spend the past two years in San Francisco getting to know new colleagues and clients alike. 

“Sometimes my clients will call me up out of the blue just to talk about nothing. It makes me feel like I’m really forging impactful relationships with them, which is great,” Harry says. 

Noteworthy Extras

While working for his father early on in his career, Harry was also a bartender and waited tables in his spare time. He recalls using a legacy point of sale at both jobs and occasionally seeing a frozen “blue screen of death,” which was never a welcome sign during a busy shift. 

“It blew my mind when I saw Revel—this hip, modern POS on an iPad—compared to the clunky POS I used to use while working in the service industry,” Harry explains. “Back in my server days, I thought the only job of the point of sale was to send orders to the kitchen. That’s it. From my time working at Revel, I now know the POS can completely transform how a business operates for the better.”

Innovation is at the core of Revel’s cloud-native platform, which helps make the job of account executives like Harry even easier. He appreciates the opportunity he has to help change the way restaurant and retail businesses think about the role their POS can play. 

What’s Next

Harry has had the chance to watch Revel evolve from a startup to the company it is today, one that he describes as “structured and strategic.” He looks forward to watching how the platform continues to pivot in light of the quickly evolving industries it serves and helping clients take advantage of those benefits.