Fulfillment Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel Blog | Revel Systems | November 5, 2021 |

People POS Spotlight

How Jose Helps Execute Fulfillment at Revel

Our “People POS” series returns with a spotlight on just one of the many Revel teammates who contribute to the leading cloud-native platform on the market. Most recently we featured Julie, a product owner who helps bring new products and features to life. 

In order for Julie to get feedback from Revel clients to inform the product roadmap, we first have to get Revel’s technology shipped to the restaurants and retailers we serve. Read on to learn how Fulfillment Manager Jose helps oversee Revel’s fulfillment center and ensures clients receive the hardware needed to run their businesses. 

Meet Jose

Jose is approaching his six-year anniversary with Revel, and his first response when asked about his experience over the years is “I just love it here.” “Love” is a strong word to use when talking about your career, but before we dive into why Jose is passionate about his role, we’ll start with how he got to Revel. 

Jose’s grandparents are first-generation immigrants who moved to the U.S. from Mexico and settled in Yuma, Arizona. His dad joined the U.S. Air Force when he was 18, and the position resulted in three major moves for the family. After living on Luke Airforce Base in Arizona for eight years, the family was relocated to Aviano, Italy when Jose was in sixth grade. 

“I lived in Italy with my family from the ages of 12 to 16 and got to travel all around Europe. It was a really unique experience,” Jose explains. 

The family eventually moved back home to Arizona to be with their family. After graduating high school, Jose attended and graduated from his local community college and wasn’t sure what his career path would look like at the time.  

“I worked odd jobs, including retail, and then landed a role at Macy’s in their warehouse. I met a great friend at that job who would eventually introduce me to my future manager named Reyes,” he explains.

Reyes later interviewed Jose for a position at Revel, and Jose gladly accepted a role as a return specialist. 

“I’m a problem solver. One thing that helped me in the return section is that I’d try to figure things out myself. You learn things about our product that you just wouldn’t know otherwise,” Jose says. 

That problem solving caught the eye of management, and after a little over a year, Jose was promoted to a supervisor position. Two years later, he was promoted to fulfillment manager. 

A Closer Look at Fulfillment Today

Revel’s fulfillment warehouse and team are located in Tempe, Arizona and they are responsible for making sure client hardware orders are returned, processed, and fulfilled. 

The team is broken out into three major categories. The receiving and returns team receives the product from Revel’s distributors and places it on shelves for fulfillment. They also process returned hardware. The fulfillment and pre-configuration team determines which items need to be selected for each order. Commonly-used hardware—like the iPads Revel’s platform operates on—is often pre-configured to help shorten the time from receiving the order to fulfilling it. Last but not least, the deployment team inputs the hardware internet protocols (IPs), creates client uniform resource locators (URLs), and configures settings according to their needs, making sure all of the equipment talks together. This helps ensure a seamless set up once the hardware arrives on site. 

“Something we’re all focused on as a team is making sure orders go out on time, according to what’s specified in the sales licence agreement (SLA). Our goal is to get clients the hardware they need, when they need it,” Jose explains. 

Internally, the fulfillment team works with a range of teams and individuals spanning Revel, but according to Jose, they work closest with the employees on the operations team, who he describes as great partners. 

“Our operations team is incredible. They work with sales to receive the orders and process them, and then they come to us. We couldn’t do our jobs without their watchful eyes on each order that is placed,” Jose says. “Our operations team is also filled with great leaders. I take advice from each of them and try to apply it to my world.”

How Jose Brings It Home

Jose’s tremendous work ethic translated into a promotion to management early on during the pandemic in 2020. 

“I’ve always been a really hard worker and I think it’s because of the example my dad set. Even the retail jobs I had—I’ve always tried to leave the impression that I was a hard worker,” says Jose. 

Since then, Jose acknowledges that everyday is a chance to grow his skillset, and that he’s already learned so many new things about himself because of his managerial role. 

“I was never a huge talker or public speaker; I was a bit timid. One of the things that I’m seeing now is my ability to be more vocal and assertive, especially in the workplace. The personal growth since the first day I started here to having this conversation today—I don’t think I could have done this on day one. Revel really believes in its people and it shows everyday,” Jose says. 

Transitioning to a management role is never a simple feat, let alone transitioning to management during a global pandemic. The operational rules in the warehouse had to continuously adapt alongside health and safety concerns, as well as drastic changes in supply chain availability. 

“It was definitely an interesting first year as a manager. But my team does so much of the legwork and they are so good at what they do. They make my job much easier,” Jose says. “I also have an amazing teacher in my manager Reyes who has helped guide me along the way.”

Noteworthy Extras

Even during the height of the pandemic, Jose’s team continued to go into the warehouse to ensure there was no interruption in order fulfillment for Revel clients. They initially transitioned into split shifts where half of the team would come in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and the other half on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They also maintained a strict six-foot distance policy and offered COVID-19 testing for employees. If anyone were to have a positive test result, they were required to stay home until they produced two negative tests. 

As a manager, Jose and the team made team safety a top priority while still maintaining the level of client support that Revel customers expect. 

On top of safety protocol, the fulfillment team also had to find workarounds for various supply chain issues. The pandemic made it difficult to get some products in stock, and Jose explains that some of those issues only recently normalized. 

When Jose isn’t combating global supply chain disruption, you’ll likely find him spending time with his dog, affectionately named Mando, after the Star Wars character in The Mandalorian. He also enjoys visiting with his sister’s family and his nephew and spending as much time outdoors as he can.