Consumer Psychology And Menu Boards

Restaurants put a lot of effort into making their menu items as appealing as possible. Every element — from the ingredients to the presentation on the plate — matters. However, what many restaurants don’t know is that no matter how appealing a dish is, their customers will never know if the menu isn’t designed with the same eye for detail. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we make decisions in restaurants based not only on what makes us hungry but also on how we read menus. Consumer psychology plays a huge role in menu design; we can be influenced to choose certain menu items by the colors, layout, and arrangement of a menu.

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Many successful restaurants have put a lot of effort into researching the psychology of menus. Their findings have been put into practice throughout the industry to great success. Optimizing your restaurant’s menu board means understanding the psychology of how people read menus and building your menu to take advantage of the ways in which subtle tricks can influence your customers’ choices. The accompanying guide contains some basic ideas about the importance of psychology in menu design and some tips you can put into practice to make your menu board as appealing as your best dish.

Consumer Psychology

Infographic created by WAND Corporation