Top 4 Hardware Additions for Your Quick Service Restaurant

In 2014, McDonald’s was the highest grossing quick service restaurant (QSR) in the US according to QSR Magazine. The fast food giant brought in $35 billion in revenue besting runner up Starbucks by more than twenty billion dollars. Rounding out the top three QSRs by revenue was Subway, who lost the second place spot it previously held. Globally the QSR industry brought in $570 billion in 2015. And while it may be hard to play in the upper reaches of the QSR environment, there are a number of hardware options available to restaurants of any size that will give it an advantage that maximize labor, enabling your team instead spend their time on revenue generating activities and executing high quality service. Luckily, Revel can help with each and every one.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)
A KDS is an essential part of any QSR establishment. Your KDS can send orders to the kitchen automatically to streamline communications and reduce the chance of errors. It’s also a time-saver with restaurants using our system saving 10-20 seconds per order. This means food gets out of the kitchen and to your customers faster. The improvement in efficiency can grow daily revenues exponentially. You can even set up multiple KDS stations at each prep station to further enhance productivity.

Customer Order Alert Screen
Wait times are one of the most frequently mentioned issues customers face in many QSRs. A customer order alert screen lets customers track their orders on a crisp digital screen and know instantly when they’re ready for pick-up. Your Customer Order Alert Screen integrates flawlessly with Revel’s iPad POS system and our Kitchen Display System to provide accurate real-time notifications. You can also go paperless with this new wireless communications technology.

Digital Menu Boards
We’ve all walked into restaurants and seen a hand-written (usually in chalk or felt pen) menu board. After a while these chalk boards fade and the felt pen boards smear. Just what exactly is a Tunnel Melt? Not to mention the issues that arise when your employee with the best handwriting happens to be out for the day. A Digital Message Board solves all of these issues with crisp Samsung TV monitors and the ability to up-date the screens in real-time. Did you run out of Turkey? No problem. A few key strokes can change the special to corned beef.

Customer Display System
A video display system keeps your customers engaged while waiting for their orders. A front facing screen displays your customized messages and also provides order details. Your guests will be entertained while always knowing the status of their order. Incorporating a fast, environmentally friendly and wireless technology into your restaurant saves time and improves your customer’s experience.

It’s Time for a Revel Make-Over
Revel Systems can design a custom POS system for your QSR and have you up and running in no time. Why not schedule a free, no obligation live demo to see just how easy it is to get started?