It’s hard to believe that the first cash register is celebrating its 145th birthday this year. The POS has come a long way from Ritty’s first cash register. Once plainly a point of sale for cash transactions, today’s POS systems are pivotal for not only ensuring a seamless experience for customers on site, but also play an essential role in maximizing omni-channel sales for any business owner looking to maintain a competitive presence and elevate the overall customer experience. Mobile POS is rapidly becoming the key to marketplace success and is projected to account for nearly 46% of all POS systems next year.

History Of POS

Whether you’re running a restaurant or retail establishment, a modern POS can offer you a variety of options for seamless integration into your daily operations. A mobile POS system gives you the ability to place orders and process sales transactions from anywhere in your store, and an omni-channel platform empowers your customers to literally take matters into their own hands with the ability to view menus, place orders, and pay right from their phones or self-serve kiosks.

Today’s business owners require more complete systems for running their operations, which is why the best POS systems integrate far more than just the standard front of house needs. Agile systems that enable back of house procedures such as inventory management, real-time reporting, and employee scheduling and payroll reduce business owners’ need to manage multiple siloed systems, giving them more time to focus on building business rather than managing it.

Revel is the premiere, feature-rich iPad POS system that enables both front and back of house functionality. We know that choosing the right POS system for your business is a big decision. If you’re looking to upgrade your Point of Sale, check out this list of nine key decisions any business owner should consider when choosing a POS system.