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Why Digital Signage Is The Next Big Revenue Driver

digital signage

A report by Reserachmoz forecasted the direction of Quick Service industry, and detailed key findings. Taking a look at predictions and trends in the industry for the upcoming years, Reserachmoz expects to see a heavy investment in software based...

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On Turning Tables: How To Improve Your FOH Flow


Efficient table management is key for revenue maximization and customer satisfaction. Restaurateurs and General Managers need to find the optimal balance between turning tables fast enough to do as many covers as possible, while still providing...

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4 Ways Revel Addresses Pizzeria Pain Points (Client Testimonials)

customer stories

1. Syncing Back of House With Front of House

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History of the Point of Sale [Infographic]


It’s hard to believe that the first cash register is celebrating its 145th birthday this year. The POS has come a long way from Ritty’s first cash register. Once plainly a point of sale for cash transactions, today’s POS systems are pivotal for not...

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