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3 Ways To Optimize Omni-Channel Marketing

custom commerce

The technology industry has harped on the idea of “omni-channel marketing.” And while definitions vary and the buzz has muddled its meaning, the core principle is to create a seamless customer experience across all of your brand’s channels.

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7 Retail Trends To Watch For In 2017

revel self-serve kiosk

Don't have time to keep an eye on upcoming retail trends? Revel has you covered. Here's a look at seven retail trends to watch for in 2017.

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History of the Point of Sale [Infographic]


It’s hard to believe that the first cash register is celebrating its 145th birthday this year. The POS has come a long way from Ritty’s first cash register. Once plainly a point of sale for cash transactions, today’s POS systems are pivotal for not...

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What Does Omni-Channel Mean to Me as a Business Owner?

iPad POS

Omni-Channel and My Business “Omni-channel – isn’t that just a fancy term for what I’m doing anyway?”

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