Top 5 Tips to Grow Your QSR Business with an iPad POS

Americans will never outgrow their appetite for a quick meal at a bargain price. If you’re looking to invest in a quick service restaurant or grow your existing brand, there’s no better time than now. Taking control of your business all begins with the Point of Sale, and with the advanced technology of today’s iPad Point of Sale platform at your fingertips, everything from operations to sales to management is that much simpler.

Here are the top 5 tips for growing your QSR business with an iPad POS:

  1. Process more orders. An iPad Point of Sale system is designed to speed operations, giving staff the tools to handle transactions more efficiently. With the easy and intuitive interface, employees may easily execute a multitude of tasks, from sending orders to the kitchen to handling gift cards or coupons. The end result is increased sales. Kevin Brown, CEO of the Chicken Salad Chick chain, highlights one of many QSR success stories. Brown told QSR Magazine that switching to the Revel iPad POS gave his business “much more flexibility and ease of ordering… translating to quicker order processing, more tickets, and ultimately higher revenue.”
  1. Prevent theft. According to QSR Magazine, quick service employees with the greatest access to cash are the most likely to steal or treat cash handling carelessly. This is a big problem for U.S. restaurant owners, who lose $2 billion each year due to employee theft. With the intelligent reporting capabilities of an iPad POS, owners can reduce losses by monitoring records and conducting unscheduled inspections. Tips and wages are automatically generated, reducing the possibility of human error. In addition, the Revel POS automatically flags you when something’s off with an order.
  1. Let customers decide. Customers today want the freedom to personalize their menu choices. In fact, according to Software Advice, forty-seven percent of survey respondents say order customization is their favorite self-ordering feature. The ability to customize orders increases the likelihood for repeat visits. With an iPad POS, servers can add modifications to each item in your menu in a hassle-free manner, leading to a greater number of satisfied customers.
  1. Take mobile orders. According to Hospitality Technology, The Habit Burger Grill increased take-out orders 200 percent using an order management system that includes phone, online, and mobile ordering platforms to integrate with their Point of Sale systems. Panda Express is another QSR that recently rolled out mobile ordering to more than 1,500 restaurants nationwide. Don’t be left out of the mobile ordering loop. If you own a quick service restaurant, accepting online and mobile ordering requests through your Point of Sale is critical. Revel Systems iPad POS is integrated with PayPal, enabling customers to order and pay for their requests safely through their mobile phone or complete the transaction quickly upon pick-up.
  1. Create self-serve kiosks. The self-serve kiosk trend continues to rise. This innovative business move can reduce lines, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce overhead expenses for your expanding business. Revel’s sleek and engaging kiosk system allows customers to place orders, select modifiers, add discounts, and more.

Grow your business with Revel’s Quick Service POS, designed specifically to meet QSR needs and wants!

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