5 New Year’s Resolutions for Quick Service Restaurants

Many consumers turn to quick service restaurants for their unbeatable prices, but cookie-cutter environments aren’t as successful as those offering personable service, a unique menu selection, and excellent value to boot. To beat out the competition this year, here are 5 essential new year’s resolutions for your quick service restaurant:

  1. Improve Safety and Security. 

    According to QSR Magazine, employee theft accounts for nearly 75 percent of restaurant industry losses, and quick-serve employees with the greatest access to cash are the most likely to steal or treat cash handling carelessly. This problem amounts to approximately 4 percent of annual sales.Make it a resolution to redouble your security efforts this year. Doing so can boost your profit margin considerably. Strategically placed security cameras can help you screen employee productivity while discouraging robberies and protecting you from fraudulent slip-and-fall lawsuits. In addition, an IP surveillance system integrated with your POS makes it possible to compare high-risk close-out transactions, like refunds, against recorded video footage.

  2. Revamp Your Menu. 

    Been a while since you tweaked your menu? If the dust is accumulating on your specials list, you’re overdue for an update. Increase profits in 2015 by incorporating new menu items regularly, promoting foods that tie in to sporting event and holiday advertising.

  3. Go Healthier. 

    Healthy foods are on trend, but fast food doesn’t often fit that picture. Give your quick serve restaurant an image overhaul by catering to the large population segment seeking lighter, more nutritious meals. Domino’s, for instance, has created a Smart Slice pizza, made with whole grains, less fat, and less sodium. Five Guys Burgers & Fries now offers hand-cut fries with the skins left on as a healthier variation of the popular side dish. Whatever your specialty, be it burgers or sandwiches, there’s room to improve your menu’s nutritional profile.

  4. Make Customers Feel Valued. 

    No matter what else you do, growth and success won’t be possible without a high level of customer satisfaction. Quick-serve restaurants with drive-through windows do well to improve speed and accuracy, as well as another important piece: friendliness and a positive demeanor. In-store, many restaurants are upping their game by employing extra staff during rush hours. Make your customers feel valued this year with thoughtful details in preparation, service, and presentation. According to chief customer officer at Mindshare Technologies, eating foods at a good price with a little unexpected flair makes the experience stand out, driving consumer loyalty.

  5. Implement an Online Ordering Platform. 

    Oftentimes, customers will look up a restaurant’s online ordering capabilities before visiting in person. Online ordering enables them to preview your menu and order ahead, reducing their wait time. Keep your restaurant flexible to customer needs with this important capability.Give patrons more ways and convenience to enjoy your restaurant’s offerings. Revel’s online ordering feature is available via mobile devices, so your customers can place their orders from home or on the go.