Thinking Outside of the Box: Innovative Restaurant Concepts

Several restaurants have been thinking out of the box recently in terms of the food they offer. Gluten-free, eating local, and kale are just some of the many food trends restaurants have been picking up on. But what about even crazier out of the box ideas? Some restaurants are completely changing how customers experience their meal and push it to the limit with these innovative new restaurant concepts.

What if for a couple of hours your sight was completely taken from you? This is what customers are experiencing at Opaque, a new form of dining where customers eat in a pitch black room. Diners pick out their food before being guided into the dark room where they will spend the rest of their meal. The staff are all blind or visually impaired and will guide the customers through their dinner.

Miami and New York City have the latest trend in restaurants in which customers will eat their meal on a bed. Featured in Sex in the City, Bed’s restaurant concept is definitely crazy enough to catch the attention of many. These beds can accommodate couples looking for a romantic date idea or small groups looking for a fun night out.

Dinner in the Sky
All over the world people are taking advantage of different cities’ amazing views by having dinner high enough to see them. Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant you can rent out to dine 40 to 50 meters above ground.

Exchange Bar & Grill
Have you ever wanted to see the prices in a restaurant fluctuate with supply and demand? At this restaurant based on the New York stock exchange, now you can! Exchange Bar & Grill is a unique restaurant where customers can watch and wait for their favorite items to lower in price before placing their order. Sometimes the market will crash which cause everything to be available for record lows.

These are just some of the crazy new restaurant concepts popping up around the world, but are these ideas really worth it? Where do we draw the line between an innovative idea and just a crazy one? Some of the new ideas are definitely drawing customers in and creating an appeal for something new, but only time will tell if these new restaurants will end up more popular than the original diners experience. In the mean time, while these crazy restaurant concepts are popular, Revel offers a custom iPad POS that lets you have whatever kind of restaurant you want. With our own innovative features we can change things around to allow you to run any type of restaurant!