Top 5 Summer Destinations

The first day of summer is tomorrow, June 21st, and we want to help you find the top 5 summer destinations in the US.

1) Seattle, WA.

Most of the year the Pacific Northwest is covered in showers, but have you ever seen a Seattle summer? Unlike the humidity of the eastern United States the Pacific Northwest has a much cooler climate during the summer, creating a perfect summer temperature.

Perfect weather is the best of both worlds when it comes to finding something sweet, and Cupcake Royale has the perfect combination to satisfy that summer sweetness. With Seattle’s best cupcakes and award-winning ice cream, summer never tasted so good.

Cupcake Royale

2) Austin, TX.

If you’re looking to really bring the heat this summer, then Austin is the place for you. Whether you’re floating down a river or jamming out to summer concerts, make sure to bring sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen.

When things start to cool down, you might find yourself enjoying a traditional cafe meal at Stinson’s Bistro. Much like Beauty and the Beast, Stinson’s is a “tale as old as time” when it comes to dining. Known for it’s communal atmosphere, Stinson’s might be the best way to end your day while enjoying that famous Austin sunset.


3) Napa, CA.

Wine tasting in the summer - sounds like the perfect way to spend your day, right? Gazing over clear sunny skies, and full green vineyards make for one of the best summer activities.

If you’re looking to add a little art to your wine tasting experience, HALL Wines is the winery for you. Creating the ultimate guest experience is a “hallmark” of visiting the vineyard. All puns aside, HALL Wines mixes modern art and wine tradition to improve its value year after year.

HALL Wines

4) Cambridge, MA

Steeped in history, Massachusetts remains one of the most beloved places to visit year round, especially during the summertime. Beaches and ballparks make up the majority of summer activity in Massachusetts, but nothing says summer like a stroll in Harvard Square.

Harvard Square is a quaint neighborhood located by Harvard University, and may well just be the perfect spot with school out for the summer. While there, do your stomach some justice by checking out The Just Crust Pizzeria. You’ll find The Just Crust offers a welcoming environment, delicious pizza, and a side of social change.

The Just Crust

5) Honolulu, HI

Enough said, but if you do happen to make it to Hawaii you’ll need to visit Chicken in a Barrel BBQ for their one-of-a-kind barrel smoked cooking style.

Chicken in a Barrel BBQ