Preparing Your Restaurant/Bar for Baseball Season

While there is some speculation as to whether Civil War General Abner Doubleday actually invented our national pastime in a field in Cooperstown, New York in 1839, there is no argument about the popularity of this truly American sport. In fact, just over 74 million fans attended baseball games in 2013 according to a recent story on And, it’s no surprise that hot dogs, sausages, peanuts, Cracker Jack and beer are the favorite food choices of those attending games in person.

The ballpark basics remain a popular stadium choice, but most teams offer a vast array of food choices that include Mexican, Italian, and even sushi. The popularity of baseball combined with improved food choices have increased attendance and made the game more accessible to both die-hard and casual fans. Major League teams have expanded marketing programs by offering several cultural nights featuring free merchandise and targeted food choices as a way of reaching specific segments of the fan base.

The baseball season offers a variety of promotional offers, giveaways, and sponsor tie-ins guaranteed to create buzz and increase attendance, but going to a game in person is fairly expensive. An April 4, 2014 article on Los Angeles Times's website reports the average cost of attending a baseball game is $212.46 for four people. Since most teams televise a majority (if not all) of games, serving regular customers and gaining new ones by showing games on TV is an opportunity that bars and restaurants can’t afford to miss.

Smart bar and restaurant owners are well aware of the popularity of baseball games with their customers. A big game can increase business during slow times, and a fun atmosphere while watching the game with fellow fans can increase return business. Since most of the team’s promotional dates are published on the schedule prior to opening day, bar owners and restaurateurs can fashion special nights of their own to coincide with the team’s. You can offer half-price drinks or two for one meals for women on Lady’s Night, or a special on Tacos on Mexican Heritage Night. The promotional opportunities are virtually endless.

Building a marketing strategy around baseball telecasts is a sound business model, and Revel’s iPad POS system can help streamline the process with management, analytics, and other business tools. Need to stock up on wings or a specialty beer for a big weekend series? No problem--since your iPad POS system tracks inventory levels and compares past sales figures, you’ll know just how much to order. You can also manage staffing levels and payroll, offer your customers easy split bill features for big parties with multiple payers, and keep accurate running tabs on customers during busy times.

Baseball offers bars and restaurants 162 (not counting the playoffs and World Series) opportunities to improve business. With Revel Systems on your team, increasing customers and maximizing sales is a home run!