Top 5 Factors in Choosing Your Restaurant Point of Sale System

There’s no denying that the restaurant POS system is changing toward mobile, cloud-based technology. The question is: do you change with it, or stick to the legacy platform that’s comfortably familiar? Whether your restaurant POS is brand new or ready for an upgrade, the POS system you choose will serve a critical function in your day-to-day business activities, as well as your long-term growth strategy. Here are 5 big influencers in determining which restaurant POS system makes the best fit:

  • Ease of Use. How easy is the system to navigate? Legacy systems need extensive training to learn, some of which can only be gleaned during the initial installation process. Because of this, only a few people in a company typically know a legacy system comprehensively enough to troubleshoot significant problems that can occur while serving a customer.
    iPad POS systems are designed for ease of use from the get-go, with an interface that’s quick to learn and intuitive to navigate. With Revel’s iPad POS, customize your restaurant’s table layout on the screen, including the number seated at each table throughout the day, to manage orders simply and efficiently.
  • Efficiency. Business owners want to know: which system will move customers in and out in the most organized fashion? iPad POS systems are multi-tasking heroes, simultaneously seating customers, tracking courses, and splitting the check at the end of the meal. Revel’s solution is 14% faster than traditional systems, which translate to processing more payments and dramatically increasing revenue. While a traditional terminal must be stationary, the iPad POS can be set up anywhere. Have your servers close their checks at the tableside using Revel’s POS on an iPad mini.
  • Accuracy. Even the smartest employees make mistakes. With Legacy systems, much of the business reporting is done manually by multiple staff, increasing the potential for human error. The iPad POS generates automatic sales reports and provides real-time information on everything from customer purchasing trends and dietary restrictions to payroll to inventory, so you can consistently monitor revenue and make informed purchasing decisions, saving time and money along the way. The Revel system even features direct QuickBooks integration.
  • Innovation. What advantages can you gain from current technology? iPad POS systems have the clear edge on this front. Cloud-based technology requires less IT management and less hardware, with almost no downtime. Revel’s advanced heat-mapping technology optimizes your Wi-Fi placement and backs up data every few seconds. Access that data anywhere and anytime to manage your business. In addition, with electronic receipts, the iPad POS is the eco-friendlier option.
  • Cost. Cost is often the deal-maker – or breaker. With iPad POS systems for restaurants, the only truly necessary piece of hardware is the iPad itself, and upfront costs for the equipment will be in the hundreds versus the tens of thousands required for a Legacy client-server system. A low monthly licensing fee for Revel’s iPad-based POS system covers all updates and ticketed support. Legacy servers, on the other hand, are much more difficult, and costly, to maintain and upgrade.  The cost alone of upgrading some PC based systems to keep up with PCI compliance requirements can cost thousands of dollars. It’s a long term investment for your business, and there are a lot of things to consider.

With a restaurant cloud based system, you can also check your reports remotely, saving you lots of time commuting, and giving you the freedom to check up on your business from anywhere. Check out the Revel Restaurant POS today.