3 Big Reasons to Opt for a Self Serve Kiosk

Machines today are becoming increasingly familiar. In fact, people are much more willing and comfortable interacting with self-serve kiosks than they used to be. You can find them popping up everywhere, from hotels, airports, and parking garages to movies theaters and grocery stores. Why not take advantage of this trend at your restaurant or Fast Casual establishment? Here are three big reasons to opt for a self-serve kiosk:

  1. Reduce Lines. With a limited number of staff taking orders at the register, lines can get congested, especially during peak hours. Self-serve kiosks give customers the option to order and pay at their convenience, all the while reducing wait times at the register.
  2. Cut Overhead Expenses. By offering customers a completely self-sufficient option to place orders, self-serve kiosks reduce labor costs and free up staff to be more productive in other areas.
    In addition, with customers choosing and verifying their own meal items, the likelihood for error can be significantly reduced, further improving restaurant efficiency. A platform like the Revel Kiosk POS System helps customers easily carry through with their own transactions with detailed descriptions and photos of their order.
  3. Increase Customer Satisfaction. Many younger-generation guests have come to expect the self-service option. For customers of all ages, self-serve kiosks are a convenient option. By keeping you up-to-date with changing customer needs, self-serve kiosks can help improve your restaurant’s image.

Restaurant owners also benefit from the convenience of up-to-date menu changes, accurate nutritional information, on-screen promos, and instant ticket printing through the self-serve kiosk.

Ease of use is essential to a successful self-serve kiosk product. The Revel Kiosk POS System is engaging and intuitive for customers to use. Once an order is placed, it is instantly sent to the Revel Kitchen Display System, and every transaction is safely secured with PCI Compliance.