3 Tips to Effectively Use Social Media At Your Restaurant

As a savvy business owner, you understand the importance of social media. You may have even read our white paper: Social Media & Restaurants.  Now that you’ve done your research, you realize the vital role social media plays in your restaurant’s marketing strategy, as well as in connecting with customers. How do you make this new-found knowledge work for you? That is, how do you use social media effectively?

Here are three tips to effectively use social media at your restaurant:

  1. Images:  Using images in your social posts--especially with Facebook and Pinterest, but also more recently with Twitter--is more interesting for your audience than a status update or link alone. Artistic photos of your restaurant’s delicious specials or Holiday-related photos (depending on the season) are sure to build engagement, and increase the likelihood that your social post will be shared.

  2. Content:  You’ve heard the phrase “content is king”--but what does it mean?  Sharing interesting, thought-provoking content is another sure-fire way to build audience engagement and increase the likelihood that your social posts will be shared. While I recommend that this content takes the form of a blog on your restaurant’s website, it can also be interesting thought-pieces from around the web. If you see something that is particularly interesting and relevant not only to your restaurant but to your social followers, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Comments:  Engage with your audience. Encourage comments by calls to action (i.e., “What’s your favorite dish at [Your Restaurant]?”). When your social media followers do comment, engage with them by commenting back. This shows that not only is your restaurant an active presence on social media, but that you value your customers’ comments and opinions. Feel free to acknowledge “likes” and retweets by thanking your engaged social followers.

These tips will get you started using social media effectively at your restaurant. If you have any questions, or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us, or feel free to leave your comments below.