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NBA Championship: Revel Systems iPad POS Edition

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With the NBA finals underway, and our hometown Golden State Warriors in the championship, we decided to compare our iPad Point of Sale system with the Warriors. Both teams (Revel and GSW) have what it takes to be champions, so let’s take a deeper...

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Tell Malware to Backoff Your Business

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When Revel started to build the Revel POS it was architected for security from day one - not as an afterthought like most POS vendors. Revel POS, again, unlike most vendors, sends encrypted card data from the Swipe device direct to the payment card...

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The End of Windows XP Could be the End for Your POS System


Will your point of sale system be ready for the end of Windows XP? Microsoft has announced that Windows XP will reach the end-of-life on April 8th 2014. The retirement of XP means Microsoft will stop providing support services to customers, such as...

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