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Build a Magnetic Employer Brand that Attracts and Keeps Skilled Talent

The labor shortage is a big problem for industries worldwide. Skilled labor, in particular, has become very hard to secure.

Labor Shortage Solutions Employed by Leading Restaurant Chains

Labor shortages have always been a significant challenge for restaurants, particularly low-cost and fast-food restaurant chains. Since many chains are operated as franchises, handling labor shortages becomes even more challenging as parent companies work with franchise owners to keep enough staff....

How to Overcome Labor Shortages in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry has long been plagued by challenges when it comes to hiring and retaining a workforce. Traditionally, this has been an industry with unusually high turnover, compared to other jobs at similar pay rates.

3 Ways Labor Costs Can Really Affect Your Restaurant's Margins & Bottom Line

As an owner or manager of a foodservice establishment, it can often feel like controlling costs is a gargantuan beast that is impossible to fully tame. Juxtapose that with the fact that patrons are doing their best to save money as much as possible when going out, and the ledger can start to look...

Do You Need a Crystal Ball for Labor Forecasting?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all put on that big funny hat and stare into a crystal ball to see the future of our business? Well, we all know that isn’t possible (with the exception of putting on the hat of course) and our business decisions need to be based on facts, not a lot of smoke and...

Employee Profit Report — Who's Making You Money

Revel Systems gives you data-driven insight into your business, and the power to effect change if necessary. In keeping with this goal, we’re announcing our latest report: Employee Profit Report. This powerful tool gives you the ability to see which employees are performing best, which are most...

Labor Forecasting with Revel iPad POS

Revel iPad POS users may already know about the Employee Scheduling feature, and Revel has recently added more tools to help empower businesses. Here’s how you can improve business efficiency by forecasting labor costs.

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