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What Do Your Customers Value About Coffee?

Coffee plays a fundamental role in the lives of people all over the world. To succeed, cafes must realize that customers value coffee as something deeper than a drink. Coffee offers a moment of everyday luxury, something to slow down and savor, and an opportunity to relax in a comfortable...

Coffee AI—Can Forecasting Brew a Better Cup?

Coffee has been consumed since ancient times. It was popular throughout most of the world by the 17th century. There have been many evolutions in coffee's journey over time, but artificial intelligence (AI) may be among the most dramatic.

5 Secrets to a Successful Coffee Shop

Given the growing demand for specialty coffee, the opportunity to enter this business is wide open. But that doesn’t mean the turnover isn’t high. It takes hard work, luck, and a great business model to succeed. Here are 5 secrets to creating a successful coffee shop:

Cafe or Coffice?

In the past we’ve explored whether it makes sense to provide free WiFi at your cafe. Does offering free WiFi to your customers benefit the bottom line, or does it only serve to take up valuable table space? Our conclusion was that as WiFi-enabled devices become ever more ubiquitous, consumers grow...

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