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How To Make A Built-For-Success Marketing Campaign

Revel Systems | January 13, 2022 |

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How To Make A Built-For-Success Marketing Campaign

Creating a marketing campaign that yields profitable results is easier said than done. Most companies throw up a few ads, start a Facebook page, or publish a blog and stop there. 

Unsurprisingly, this typically leads to no interest and no sales. A built-for-success marketing campaign requires careful planning and laser targeting, particularly today. 

You’re no longer competing with the businesses in your town; you’re launching marketing campaigns that must compete with the world at large. We’ve compiled some examples of the best marketing campaigns to help inspire you to success.

What is the Difference Between a Marketing Campaign and an Advertising Campaign?

Believe it or not, there’s a difference between the two. Even though entrepreneurs often use these terms interchangeably, they’re distinct. Marketing is preparing a product for the market as a whole, whereas advertising campaigns are merely a step in your marketing plan.

Both require intricate planning, but marketing is a much wider concept than advertising. Yet, both of these parts of your business go hand-in-hand. You cannot have one without the other, hence why there’s so much confusion regarding their meaning.

Best Marketing Campaign Ideas

Your marketing campaign sets up everything you need to advertise later. In essence, marketing must be about finding your ideal customer and branding your offering in a way that attracts those ideal customers to you. Without a built-for-success marketing campaign, any ad campaigns you come up with will invariably fail. Here are some ideas to get started.

Tell Your Story

Coming up with a compelling story has never been more important. Whatever story you come up with must lead back to your flagship product.

This is the lever that will ultimately allow you to build an advertising campaign later. It doesn’t need to be dramatic, but it must be unique. The product alone is no longer enough to set you apart from the competition.

Customer Pain Points

Products and services are there to solve problems. Spend some time thinking about the existing pain points your products fix. 

For example, the Revel Systems® POS includes a contactless payment function to help customers looking for a no-touch payment experience in a COVID-19 world. It offers a chance for them to feel safe and secure when they shop with their favorite businesses.

Where Does Your Target Audience Hang Out?

Another key consideration of marketing is finding out where your target audience spends time. If you’re selling to Generation X, you need to know where they are. 

For example, 90% of Generation X have a Facebook account. Acquiring data like this enables you to hone in on where your ideal audience is, and then to distribute your message accordingly. It also allows your latest advertising campaign to avoid waste by spending money on the places where your target audience doesn’t congregate.

Invest in Content Marketing

Create a content marketing plan as the foundation of any marketing push. Content marketing is the centerpiece of the average digital marketing campaign, and content can be anywhere. It’s all about creating content that resonates with your target audience. 

For example, publishing content on your website is a good idea, but less so if your market is senior citizens who primarily read the local newspaper. A content marketing plan builds heavily on who your ideal customer is and what media they consume.

Customer Relationship Management

How are you going to build those relationships with your customers? Did you know that 80% of the average company’s business comes from loyal, repeat buyers

All successful marketing campaigns must have a plan for converting an interested lead into a brand fanatic. This includes strategies for upselling, newsletter marketing, and referral programs.

Best Advertising Campaign Ideas

Now you have the seeds of a built-for-success marketing campaign; it’s time to consider ad campaigns. How are you going to get the message out to your prospective customers? Here are some ideas for your next advertising campaign.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Regardless of who you’re marketing to, the Facebook ad platform is one of the most powerful digital advertising options you have at your disposal. With highly detailed targeting options and an easy-to-use platform, Facebook advertising should form a key part of most ad campaigns with a social media component.

Connect with Influencers

Despite the Instagram influencer industry taking some hits in recent years, the right influencers are still a powerful way of getting your product/service in front of your target audience. These days, it’s less about follower numbers and more about engagement. Generally, businesses are advised to target influencers with 10-20k followers.

Don’t Sleep on Google

Google accounts for three out of every four clicks on desktop and mobile. Boost your Google presence and gain the lion’s share of the traffic for your carefully crafted keywords.

Some ideas to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts include:

  • Learning to implement schema markup
  • Listing yourself on Google My Business (GMB)
  • Learning about pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Posting regular content
  • Getting listed in online directories

Offer Something Free

Rightly or wrongly, people love freebies. Whether it’s marketing guru Neil Patel offering a free marketing guide or Revel Systems providing a free demo of our POS platform, people often expect something “free” for their time and attention. 

Offer a bonus to get someone to sign up for your newsletter, try out your product, or get in touch with you. It’s not only a great idea, but it’s also a necessity in modern advertising.

Consider Guerrilla Advertising

If your audience is suited to it, a relatively untapped advertising avenue is guerrilla marketing. It’s cheap and easy to implement, particularly if you’re targeting a local market. 

Tactics include using street art, abandoned buildings, and custom stickers in your locality to get your brand out into the open.

Successful Marketing Campaign Examples

There are so many available marketing and advertising examples you can tap into for inspiration. To help you understand how marketing and advertising come together, let’s examine some of the greatest marketing campaign examples.


The move toward customer-centric marketing is a facet of every industry. However, Amazon’s Audible has opted for a product-led approach to marketing. 

Its latest campaign in the lucrative audiobook market is publishing a combination of exclusive and original content to encourage people to subscribe. The success of this marketing approach is evident within Amazon’s own Prime service and Netflix.


MobileMonkey is Facebook’s dedicated chatbot for businesses. One of its initial weaknesses was its high acquisition costs. At one time, acquisition costs peaked at $150-$250, which is far too high to be effective for most businesses. 98% of clickers will not make a purchase, and 75% of those will never come into contact with your brand again.

To deal with this problem, MobileMonkey changed its product to optimize for messages. In other words, it collected a person’s data and enabled businesses to use remarketing to advertise to those customers again. This move saw tremendous success, with acquisition costs dropping by 97%.

The takeaway here is that marketing campaigns can be successful by changing their inner workings. Altering your product to better suit the market is, alone, a form of successful marketing.


The iconic toy brand decided to take a different approach to marketing. The fact is that 89% of customers choose brands that share their values, while 79% admit forming a deeper connection with brands that hold the same values. 

Lego decided its next campaign would focus on major societal issues, such as climate change and transgender rights. It was controversial and risky to form a clear view on major social issues, but it paid dividends. 

Rather than trying to appeal to everyone with a faceless corporate brand, Lego took a clear stance, acquired more exposure, and deepened its connections with its fans. In other words, it took the plunge most major corporations are too fearful to take.


Airbnb stands out from corporate brands because most of its marketing content comes from its own users. Its user-generated images pepper its social media platforms, and it even has a section on its website dedicated to its users. 

Not only does it mean its fans can do all the hard work, but it creates a more authentic brand because customers know that it’s other ordinary people marketing the brand rather than a large corporate team. It’s one of the few examples of a brand that is a corporation yet has the feel of the little business next door. 

Plus, rather than talking about merely hotels and great deals (like everyone else), Airbnb concentrates on the experiences the world has to offer.


Understanding how advertising plays into wider marketing campaigns will allow you to take a better look at your brand and your customers. 

Competition is fierce, and the old way of doing things simply isn’t enough anymore. 

If you, too, want to provide a more customer-centric service in the post-pandemic world, act now. Learn more about state-of-the-art POS platforms and get in touch with our Revel team today.