Revel and LevelUp Partner To Enhance Restaurant Mobile Experience

LevelUp Partnership: A Closer Look

Revel and LevelUp partner, enabling restaurants to integrate mobile order-ahead, in-store mobile payments, and loyalty programs into their existing Revel platform. A next-generation mobile payment network, LevelUp was a natural fit for direct integration with Revel's iPad point of sale (POS). It is imperative that restaurant's offer a mobile app solution to their customers, in order to be successful in a mobile dominated world. And while collectively Americans check their smartphones more than 8 billion times per day, only one quarter of small businesses have a mobile app.

Mobile App ROI

And for businesses that have implemented a mobile app, there has been serious return. Revel customer, Kung Fu Tea, has implemented the integration, saying, "New analytics capabilities provide us a deeper understanding of our customers so we can create customized offers that give them the best experience possible."

Revel and LevelUp partner to make it easy for your restaurant to reap the benefits of a mobile program. And with more targeted rewards and loyalty offerings, restaurants will acquire new customers, increase retention within their customer base, and increase customer frequency and spend.

Learn More About the LevelUp Partnership

You can read the full press release here.

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