5 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Internet

Consumers expect seamless and fast WiFi. And so why shouldn’t owners hold their business to the same expectations? From processing payments to opening purchase orders – improve your network capability, and ultimately better your business with a reliable network.

Having a slow and unreliable WiFi network doesn’t just mean slowing down your operations but can pose a serious security risk. In fact, a study by Extreme Networks finds that a WiFi attack on an open network can take less than 2 seconds. Maintain peace of mind and securely run your business at top speeds with Cisco Meraki MR18 access points, the #1 cloud-based provider of WiFi technology.

Here are five reasons you should power your business with Cisco Meraki MR18 access points:

Improve Your Networking Capabilities

The networking demands of your business far outweigh that of a home, so be sure your router and access points are built business-first. The MR18 is enterprise class – with dual-band operation and advanced 802.11n technologies such as MIMO and beamforming – so you can be sure your networking system is set up for high capacity and high volume. A third antenna built inside the access point actively scans the environment and automatically optimizes the channels to ensure your WiFi is running at its best.

Save Money

By upgrading your access points to the Cisco Meraki MR18, you don’t need to worry about buying range extenders. Eliminate WiFi dead zones and spotty connection and cut costs with more reliable coverage.  

Handle Multiple Devices

From store-front to back-end operations, sync up your business by having an access point that can handle multiple devices.

Reduce Support Issues

By upgrading to the Cisco Meraki MR18, you will save on support costs and time spent troubleshooting. Meraki access points have substantially lower defect rates, and the Revel Support team has seen far fewer networking issues with Meraki access points.

Revel Support Access

The MR18 is monitored 24x7 via the cloud, which delivers real-time alerts if your Internet network encounters problems. Remote diagnostics tools enable real-time troubleshooting over the web, meaning multi-site, distributed networks can be managed remotely by the Revel Support team.

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