Answering Your Staffing Management Questions

Effective staffing is critical to the success of your business. From hiring the right employees for the right positions to controlling labor costs, Revel has the reporting capabilities to help you make the most out of your staff (and keep them happy).

We’ve answered your staffing management questions to make sure you’re getting the most out of your POS platform.

Who is my most profitable employee per hour?

Who are my least profitable employees?

Who is generating profit?

staffing managementThe Employee Profit Report shows you which employees are making you money and which ones are costing you money. Revel aggregates labor cost, hours worked, number and percent of sales and profit, among other variables, so you can clearly see who's turning profits and who's costing the business money. To provide clarity, the report differentiates between revenue generating and non revenue generating employees, for example servers and line cooks.

This information empowers you to make informed staffing decisions. You can coach your lower performing employees to emulate the behavior of the higher performing employees. Additionally, you can get a deeper understanding of employees’ performance; you can see if they are pushing the wrong products or not leveraging Revel’s upsell features.

To incentivize employees, you can instill friendly competition by deploying a sales campaign. Here, track employees’ sales based on a certain week, see who sells the most of a particular item, and reward them.  

Labor Report

What are your labor costs this week compared to projected costs?

How many labor dollars do I spend per sales dollar?

What are my sales per labor hour?

staffing managementThese are questions you can answer with Revel’s Labor Report. By accessing this report regularly, you can maintain control of your labor costs and know whether to send someone home early, or call for extra help. Revel compares the amount of sales per hour versus the average hourly rate you pay your employees to provide you insight as to when profits are maximized.

Once looking at your report you can identify if the working hours are higher than the projected hours and adjust for these fluctuations. You can also ensure compliance and employee workload by monitoring overtime.

Hourly Sales Report

Am I adequately staffed at each hour of the day?

Am I understaffed at my time of the day?

Can I utilize my labor more efficiently by predicting slower service times where staff can attend to non service tasks, like inventory or stocking?

staffing managementTo fully optimize your staffing, it is important to know when you make your greatest revenue. You can take a look at both the Labor Report and the Hourly Sales Report to gain a deeper understanding of how you’re performing and how to adjust.

You can see who was working during a specific time period, and compare revenue numbers and identify inconsistencies. With this information, adequately staff for peaks in customer traffic, optimize what activities your staff can do in between peak times, and identify who and how many staff should be processing transactions.

Better manage your staff and take your business to the next level with in-depth, real-time reporting. Want to learn more? Check out our webinar on Revel’s reporting.