Revel POS 101: Upselling Your Customers

Upselling is a strategy that gives customers the option to purchase a pricier model of the original item or purchase add-ons with the goal of getting them to pay more than what they originally planned. Upselling customers leverages the momentum of purchase decisions to increase profit margins and customer retention. How can you use your POS to upsell your customers?


There is big money in the art of the combo deal. Business Insider reports that on average deals account for about one in four of customer visits to quick-service restaurants. Massive chains like McDonalds, Starbucks, and Wendy’s have long championed this concept.

If you’re a quick service restaurant, you can combine menu items, say burger, fries, and soda with Revel’s Upsell Combo feature. If a customer purchases a burger, the customer may upgrade it to a small, medium, or large combo which includes one side and drink for an additional fee. Upsell Combos are a great way for you to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.


In a similar vein, discounts can be used to drive traffic and increase sales. Design your Point of Sale to offer discounts based off of volume, promotions, or customer groups. In our latest 2.22 release, we’ve enabled you to optimize your discounts with targeted pricing. Revel has added an "Apply reprice to sum of products,” allowing the customer to effectively sell items from different product groups or classes for a combined special price.

Your POS does the math, so you don’t have to. Once enabled, products that belong to the corresponding product groups/classes will qualify for the discount and the POS will determine the difference between the sum of the qualifying products and the re-price value. Then, it applies that difference as the discount to the most expensive product on the POS, ensuring discounts are optimized for your success.

Management Console: Products > Discounts > Discount Settings

Tableside & Online Ordering

With a mobile POS customers can experience a new way to dine with servers. By taking orders directly at the table, or anywhere on the floor, servers can easily edit orders on the spot and have suggested items and specials pop up as they’re inputting orders.

Increase your mobile presence and upsell products on an eCommerce platform. With Revel’s Online Ordering customers have similar ordering options as they would experience while shopping in-store. And with the 2.22 release, we offer a redesigned eCommerce interface so you can better manage the look and feel of your site to match your brand.

Intelligent Reporting

Track these efforts with Intelligent Reporting. See how your combos sell compared to your single sold items or uncover historical sales trends linked to your discounts. Revel’s Intelligent Reporting offers insight into granular, hour to hour data and supports longer-term reporting and forecasting. Armed with this information, you can make data driven decisions in choosing when and what to discount or combo.  

When done right upselling can bring you closer to your customers and facilitate larger purchases, a win-win for your bottom line. To learn more about the latest 2.22 features check out the release notes here.