Why Cyber MOSTday is All About Value-Added

So you slept through our massive Black Friday sale. It’s easy to do after all that turkey. But your business is ready for an upgrade, so that you can get out of idling steadily and actually move forward. In order for that to actually happen, it’s important to recognize the most important thing impacting your business: business as usual. In today’s competitive environment, it just won’t cut it anymore. Don’t worry, we’ve still got something in store just for you.

This year, Cyber Monday is getting a boost, which is why we’ve had to rename it to Cyber MOSTday. This is huge for business owners and operators, because it’s not just about finding a great deal, but truly about adding long lasting value.

For Cyber MOSTday, we’re throwing in a free Customer Display Screen (CDS) or Mobile Order Taker with every terminal purchased. Not only do you get an extra device that adds a modern aesthetic to your business, you’re adding value for your customers, your employees, and your business.

Studies show that a CDS engages your customers more seamlessly with loyalty programs, allow them to choose how to get their receipts, and increases tipping by 116%. When tipping goes up, so does employee performance. Meanwhile, Mobile Order Takers can reduce wait times by half during peak business. It also improves communication between Front and Back of House teams in a foodservice environment, and it enables employees to meet customers on the floor to finalize purchases in a retail environment.

Ultimately, both options improve overall experience, allow you to optimize labor, and get a great return on your investment. Not only that, when you choose Revel, you have an incredible ecosystem that creates value for your business like no other Point of Sale on the market.

The biggest challenge you’ll face now is deciding which one to choose. Either way, make your first new year’s resolution today and start your 2017 off with the best value in the industry.

This one time offer ends November 28th, and you won’t see another like it.