5 Reasons Revel's Black Friday Bonanza is the Best Value for Your Business

When it comes to sales and deep discounts, nothing really compares to Black Friday. The infamous day has earned a reputation thanks to all of the long lines and chaos created as a result. Today, it’s hard to find a company that doesn’t offer some sort of savings to kick off the holiday season. The problem, however, isn’t finding a sale—that’s available pretty much anywhere you look. While there’s an awful lot of “deals” available, there’s not always a ton of real value.

This year, Revel is changing the name of the game for good. We’re not in the business of dangling carrots, hoping that you’ll find something bigger once you make it in the front door. We deal in the business of partnerships, and that’s what you can expect to find when you do business with us. That’s why for Black Friday, we’re offering so much more than two Point of Sale terminals for the price of one. When you join Revel, you’re getting the benefit of the industry leading Point of Sale platform behind your business.

From day one, you’ll work with a representative that will take time to get to know the needs of your business. They’ll work with you to better understand the pain points that you face and help you identify solutions that can make managing your business easier and more efficient. Unlike some of the alternatives available, doing business with Revel isn’t transactional. We don’t believe in the one size fits all approach, so simply asking you to click “activate now” doesn’t cut it for us. By personalizing our approach, our team will ensure that your business gets the tools you need and aren’t being charged extra for features that aren’t relevant to you.

Experience and Trust
Revel has one of the largest global footprints of any cloud-based POS, with years of experience in a broad range of verticals, including restaurants, QSRs, retailers, salons, and grocery to name just a few. Ranging from single terminal trade show vendors to global enterprises, businesses of all shapes and sizes have trusted our experts to identify the best solution for their businesses. But it’s not just about getting up and running, Revel’s global support team is available 24/7 to help keep normal operation on track, no matter where in the world you are, or how big or small your business is.

When shopping for a Point of Sale solution, it’s not uncommon for vendors to hype flexibility. Unfortunately, to other POS vendors, flexibility merely boils down to being able to use the system on any device. While that sounds like a great option, there’s a lot of inherent issues it creates. For example, Android devices are heavily prone to malware and cyber attacks. For the sake of our clients and their customers, we strongly believe that’s not a risk worth taking, which is why our platform is designed to operate specifically on iOS. When your business is your livelihood, gambling with security isn’t something you should take lightly.

Additionally, by leveraging a single platform, business owners and operators that use Revel have portability and scalability built into the platform. Growing pains don’t have to be an inherent part of your business when it comes to your Point of Sale. In fact, as the POS continues to become the central nervous system of any business, it should easily grow and be moldable to your business needs. Whether your business demands optional hardware like Customer Display Screens, Digital Displays, or Mobile Registers or you’re growing into a multi-location enterprise, Revel provides peace of mind to help you get the job done, regardless of the state of your business.

Omni-Channel Platform
Business today requires an omni-channel presence to remain competitive, no matter the size of your business. With Revel, businesses get all of the tools they need to reach a local—or global—audience as they need. Whether your business needs an Online Ordering platform or a total eCommerce solution, Revel offers built-in solutions as well as integrations with industry-leading platforms.

As a business owner, you should have total control over your business. That’s why we offer fully customizable choices for your online and mobile presence that include all of the functionality you should expect, including inventory management, CRM integration, and in-depth reporting.

Revel has the most robust ecosystem of features and integrations for your business, which is why Revel is the premiere next generation Point of Sale. From a processor agnostic backend to optimized CRM integrations, Revel has the partners you need to manage the business you want, as you see fit. No other POS system can match the number of integrations that Revel offers. Find out more about our partners here.

This week, everyone will be vying for your dollar. And while some sales might appear to be deals, before taking action, remember to ask yourself what the real value is that you’re getting. With Revel, the choice is clear. We’re not only going to give you an attractive offer to get started, but we’ll also be creating real value for your business for years to come.