Maximizing Your Point of Sale

While Revel’s much touted Management Console gets a lot of attention for all of its heavy lifting, there’s plenty of rich management features built directly into the point of sale. The front end has been designed from the ground up with efficiency and ease of use at the forefront. Here are some of our favorite front end features which allow owners to make the most of Revel's point of sale system.

Manager Tools

The features that matter most to business owners, such as daily financials, employee time management, and on-the-fly menu updates, can be managed directly from the POS itself. In addition to these staples, Revel has many innovative front end features to streamline the management experience.

The End-of-Day process management, found on the Settings screen, allows managers to set a closing checklist. Reconciling open orders, closing all tills, and other common tasks are included in Revel’s template, but managers are free to customize their end of day list to meet their specific needs. Auto Logout allows managers to set a time at which all lower level users will be logged out of the system, improving end of day efficiency.

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Quick Support Access

Obviously, we hope that nothing ever goes wrong, but in the event that there is glitch in the  iPad POS system, Revel has built in features to streamline the support process as much as possible. Auto-generating a pre-populated support ticket is as easy as dragging three fingers from top to bottom. With all the customer information already present, the user only needs to provide details specific to the issue at hand.

If support is contacted through another channel instead, double tapping the Revel logo on the iPad POS application will give all of the specific ID information unique to that iPad POS system. Finally, with Troubleshoot Mode, users can choose to upload the station’s logs to Revel’s servers, allowing more accurate diagnosis of whatever issue may be occurring.

POS Check Out Features

If you want to easily access your customer database, you can do that right from the main interface on your point of sale system. By tapping the Customers button, to the right of the Settings wheel, operators can record necessary information and attach it to orders. This feature is also hugely beneficial for merchants leveraging Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and loyalty programs.

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Sometimes, you might have to research an order when a customer is dissatisfied. From the Orders screen, you can quickly pull up ticket information using order ID or the last four digits of a credit card. From this screen, you can also view daily orders, held orders, and unsynced orders.

When it comes time for payment, there are several different Action Option Buttons that allow for fast, easy activation of various features. Most of these buttons are customizable, enabling owners choose what is essential to their business. Some of the most used buttons include add tips, email receipts, give refunds, and redeem loyalty points. The Split Bill button is a popular feature, which allows bills to be split as most convenient for the customer.

Revel is constantly working to provide the most rich and efficient tools for business owners to manage and run their businesses. To learn more about all of these features and others, check out our recent webinar How to Get the Most Out of Your Revel POS. Find the notes on our most recent release 2.16 here and look out for our 2.19 release coming soon!