Deploying Delivery Management

When most of us think back to our first delivery food experience, there was one category that overwhelming won the market—pizza. Today’s delivery landscape is a far departure from what it once was. Now there is competition from single location quick and full service restaurants, international chains, and even some of Silicon Valley’s most recognizable names. If you’re in the food business, and you’re not offering delivery, you might be missing out on massive revenue opportunities. As reported by the Washington Post, as much as 15-20% of all restaurant meals consumed in the US are delivered. Worse yet, if you’re not offering delivery, you’re limiting your ability to connect with customers on their terms, which isn’t doing you any favors in terms of acquisition or retention.

Luckily, Revel’s delivery management console gives you more control via a more streamlined delivery process. Better yet, you can tailor delivery to your business needs, enabling you to get your business back in the game without complicated new processes. Here are some of the benefits that you can leverage by deploying delivery management.

One of the most challenging parts of managing a delivery service is ensuring that food is showing up at optimum temperature to your customers. This would be easy enough if you sent a driver out with only one order to manage. However, a one-to-one driver to order ratio would likely cause your expenses to skyrocket.

A more logical solution would be to deploy a system that manages the more challenging pieces of the delivery process for you. With Revel’s Delivery Management console, you can preset the delivery parameters by zip code, radius, or custom regions. Additionally, you can set the times between deliveries or orders, so that your system is helping you maximize your drivers and provide excellent service to your customers.

Service Fees

Fee management is a time consuming part of any delivery service. Whether customers need to hit a minimum dollar amount in order to avoid extra costs, or individual items have specific fees attached, charging, tracking, and controlling those fees can be a drain. The thing is, they don’t have to be. You can manage all of your associated fees right from the console. Are some fees charged to the full orders while others are charged by item? No problem. Some fees are set dollar amounts while others are percents? Easy. When fees are applied by system logic, you’re able to charge all the necessary fees and avoid overcharging with unnecessary fees. Ultimately, you’ll make your business much more efficient.

Virtual Tills

If you’ve got drivers on the road, they’re likely managing some amount of cash. While you could leverage a paid in, paid out system, you’d likely creating a lot more paperwork and make it much harder for you to track. When your tills don’t balance at the end of the night, identifying where an error occurred becomes an exercise in unnecessary tedium.

Virtual tills give you the ability to tie transactions to specific employees. Similar to the system that restaurants use, a virtual till enables your employees to manage cash when they’re away from the till and easily reconcile when they’ve returned from delivery. Since you can assign a virtual till to individual employees, each one is only responsible for the amount of cash they’ve transacted throughout their shift.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We’ve already pointed out how important it is to deploy CRM to ensure that you’re maximizing the relationships you’ve established with your customers. When you integrate CRM into your delivery management, you have a much better idea of your customers’ order frequency and their preferences. This gives you the opportunity to wow your regulars and incentivize customers who are less loyal to choose you the next time they’re ordering out.

Caller ID

To help you build out your CRM, a caller ID feature that integrates into your point of sale can automatically pull up the customer's profile associated with that phone number. When you're provided immediate insight, you can identify returning customers, their order preferences, and their location, empowering you to deliver highly integrated, low friction service saving both you and your customers time.

Whether you’re deploying Revel’s Delivery Management or you’re thinking that it might be time to elevate your delivery service, check out this webinar our training team put together to help you get a grip on what you could–and maybe should–be doing to offer your customers the options they really want.