Mobile Ordering Can Take Your Restaurant Places

Two billion people use smartphones—and they’re accustomed to searching for the things they need wherever they happen to be, whether it’s at home or on the go. Satisfying food cravings plays an ongoing role in this cycle (hey, everyone’s gotta eat!). If you own a restaurant or food service business, accepting online and mobile ordering requests through your point of sale is a crucial boon for your business.


New technology, such as iPad POS systems integrated with PayPal, enables customers to order and pay for their requests safely through their mobile phone or complete the transaction quickly upon pick-up, without even opening their wallets. This creates a world of opportunity for customers and restaurateurs alike.


The majority of location-based traffic on social media comes from customers searching for a place to eat. Mobile Discovery, for instance, allows them to find nearby restaurants that accept preordering via PayPal. Having online and mobile capability keeps you on the radar and helps to build your customer base.

Customer Convenience

Busy customers will appreciate the ability to order ahead and arrange a set pick-up time. This spares them the trouble of waiting in line for their food upon arrival. No wonder 74 percent of customers between the ages of 18 and 34 say they would order takeout from a mobile device if the option is available.

Business Efficiency

Freed from processing orders over the phone, your staff will have more time to focus on the customers in front of them, leading to quicker, more efficient service. Owners can also view up-to-the-minute stats, sales, usage, and inventory.


Restaurant directors have reported a monetary return on investment within six months of implementation, with business growth and benefits to continue from there. “I get an email every time someone uses PayPal to order or pay at one of our locations,” says Gerry Blake, who oversaw the rollout of Revel and PayPal’s integrated system at eight Fresh Choice restaurants. “I must get 10 to 15 every day.”

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