Revel POS 101: The Price is Right!

Bonjour, business owners! Revel’s back at it again and we’ve got some great news for you. Do you own a business where you’re constantly changing product prices? If so, Revel can help you stay on track in this ever-changing environment.

Let’s say you own a butcher shop and sell meat by the ounce. Depending on the cost you pay to the vendor, your meat prices may change daily. Or, if you’re a grocer selling produce, your fruit and vegetable prices may often change as well.

To keep you afloat amidst these frequent fluctuations, Revel’s added a new Pricing Change Alert feature. Using the Management Console to change the prices of your products, you can then set an alert for the time/date at which the POS should be updated with these changes. At the specified time the POS will prompt users to update, and voilà! Updated prices. Never again will you be out of sync with your most current pricing.Set up your very own Price Change Alert by following the simple steps below:

  1. Log into the Management Console.
  2. Click Settings > Advanced POS Settings page.
  3. Enable the "Alert On Price Change" option and input a specific day and time to send an alert to the POS.price changes 1
  4. At the configured date/time, the POS will display a new product price message to inform you that the price change will become effective.
  5. The alert will be displayed in the red bar at the bottom of the POS screen reading, “Price changes are waiting to be accepted. Tap here to continue" shown below. The alert will remain on the screen until the POS is refreshed.price changes 2
  6. Once you tap the underlined “Tap here to continue” the “Price Changes” window appears, allowing them to accept the changes.price changes 3
  7. Once you log out, the price change update will automatically begin.
    price change
  8. Once updated, you can sign in and observe the price changes.

For more Revel POS 101, check out the Revel Knowledge Base full of helpful resources!