Revel 1525 Release Notes: New iPad POS Features and Enhancements

Revel Systems just released a number of new features and enhancements to its iPad POS! In our 1525 Release Notes, users can find additional functionalities to help ease their management processes and grow their business. From major improvements to the Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Digital Menu Boards to numerous new add-ons, all Revel users should stay up-to-date with the latest 1525 Release. Some of Revel’s latest features and enhancements are highlighted below:

  • Gain insight with Revel’s new Operations Report
    An Operations Report is now available! View your entire business performance from one report. Everything from product mix, sales data, discounts, tax data, labor, cash reconciliation, and so much more is included within a singular report.
  • Send SMS notifications for rewards
    Mobile devices are tied to the hip of customers. In this digital age, the best way to reach customers is through SMS notifications. Lucky for Revel iPad POS users, SMS notifications can be sent when a customer signs up for a rewards loyalty program. Send a introductory text when someone signs up for a reward card or a reminder message to a customer who has not returned to your business within a certain number of days.
  • Easily manage multiple locations with new EMS enhancements
    Revel has added another layer of security to EMS access - users would need to get the rights to access the EMS and pages they want to view. Another major EMS update involves product management. Product management can now handle establishment related objects like Tax Groups, Product Groups, Printers and Custom Menus.
  • Engage customers with Digital Menu Board imagery
    Aside from four different Digital Menu Board layout options (single image, two column, three column, eight tile) to choose from, businesses can now upload background images for their boards.
  • Mark items as ‘In Progress’ on Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)
    Restaurants asked and we delivered. Revel has added the ability to mark items as ‘In Progress’ in the KDS. Double tap items to mark them as done and move them along in the process. Kitchen flow has never been so seamless!
  • Attention new customers! Be guided through the on-boarding process
    Revel focuses heavily on making sure its iPad POS is intuitive and easy to use. As part of this initiative, Revel has added a new section within the management console to help new customers track the tasks they need to complete before going live with their new Revel iPad POS. Things like setting up an employee, creating the prevailing tax, creating a product, and building a receipt is included.

All major Revel POS enhancements, from fresh ways to customize receipts to newly accepted payment processors, are detailed on Revel’s 1525 Release Notes. Don’t miss out on all the new features to get the most out of Revel’s iPad POS!