As you walk down the street what is the first thing you notice? Mobile devices everywhere with people looking down, unengaged with their surroundings. Many are frustrated that technology has taken over people’s engagement and even possibly their ability to communicate. However, as a business owner it is important to take advantage of the fact that everyone’s noses are always in their phones. While people are scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter feed, checking in on Foursquare, or looking up a business on Yelp; you can be reaching out to them, promoting deals or specials that your business has to offer.

74% of all adults use social media and many of these users are checking each site multiple times per day. There are 1.4 billion Facebook users and more than 284 million Twitter users. With such high numbers it’s no wonder many businesses are turning to social media as one of the top ways to market their company. Engaging with your customers is the best way for them to feel connected to the business and want to continue coming back.

Wouldn’t you love a way to reach out to your customers in the quickest way possible without having to navigate to each individual social media platform? With Revel’s Social Media Integration, connecting with customers through your Point of Sale (POS) has never been easier. Without even leaving the Revel POS app it is possible to send out tweets, get notified each time a customer checks into your business, and engage in real time with your customers. Does your food truck move location regularly? Do your specials or deals change daily? Using this feature on the Revel iPad POS allows you to tell your followers your exact location or the special of the day to draw in more customers.

All of this makes it more efficient and convenient to use social media in your business. Right now Social Media Integration through Revel allows you to tweet out messages, see who is checking in on Facebook and Foursquare, and even see what people are posting on Yelp. Instead of having to go into each individual app and then back into your POS to run a sale, Revel integrates it all together bridging the gap between your business and your customers.