5 Tips to Improve Your Business's Social Media Strategy

Social Media offers an incredible platform for targeting perspective and repeat customers with offers, specials, and general news about the services your business can provide. Since 73 percent of adults have some sort of social media account according to Forbes.com, failing to target these potential customers is a recipe for disaster. Build a successful social media presence with our 5 tips:

  1. Get Everyone on the Same Page
    Before creating a social media presence, it’s essential to get everyone from the boss to the stock staff on board with the branding message you’re trying to convey. You’ve invested time, money, and part of your soul building your business. The identity you’ve created must be visible and consistent across all marketing channels.
  2. Accept Mobile Comes First
    In an October 2014 article, Clickz.com reports that larger screen devices (4.7 inch or larger screens) now account for more than a quarter of all smart phone sales. The story also quotes a recent Facebook earnings report claim that the company’s daily mobile active users increased 15 percent, and mobile-only daily activity (users who use mobile devices exclusively) grew an astounding 34 percent. Many customer segments, particularly Millennials, keep their smart phones handy 24/7 and rely on it almost exclusively for their content.
  3. Set Realistic Goals
    Social media offers many exciting options that can help grow your business, but it’s a good idea to set goals and expectations. A recent story on Social Media Today highlights a few simple, realistic goals. These include: Increasing web traffic; advertising upcoming events; increase user engagement; building new customer relationships; create online awareness to grow sales; develop “buzz” around your business, and get useful feedback to increase customer service.
  4. Keep your Messaging and Content Fresh
    Okay, we’re online; on Twitter; and our Facebook Page has a few hits but the customers still aren’t breaking down the doors. What’s wrong? The thing to remember is that social media is instant, and if your content isn’t being constantly updated to reflect new offers or services, customers who rely on social media will drift away. You’ve got to give them a reason to constantly check your page or read your Tweets. Social Media can quickly become a big can of worms without a plan or guidance; and that’s where Revel can help.
  5. Choose Your Social Media Vehicles Wisely
    There are many social media platforms that a business can utilize and each offers different ways to join the social conversation. Revel has developed several solutions that make joining and enjoying the benefits of social media integration strategies simple.

Revel’s iPad POS works flawlessly with Twitter, and lets you communicate directly with your customers and followers with the touch of a button. Revel’s Yelp Dashboard you’ll know instantly what your customers are saying about you. That way you can quickly respond to reviewers heading off any potential problems immediately. You’ll know instantly when Yelp reviewers are in the house when they check into Foursquare. This level of instant awareness gives you the inside edge when dealing with service issues; and you can issuing rewards simultaneously to customers giving you good reviews.

With so much at stake, wouldn’t it be a good idea to let Revel show you a few simple ways to start or improve your social media strategy?