Alabama State University Scores 30,000+ Transactions

Never again will businesses have to worry about losing sales from power outages and poor Internet connectivity at their place of business. Technology has brought countless opportunities for businesses to grow and develop; one included are cloud-based iPad Point of Sale systems. The tricky part of cloud-based iPad Point of Sale systems is that most of them are dependant on strong Internet connectivity to perform uninterrupted. What happens when that Internet slows or even worse, completely stops? Does the Point of Sale simply stop working and all potential sales transactions are lost when the power goes out? This was the scenario put in front of Alabama State University (ASU) during their first home game of the season.

ASU had experienced what most dread of during a football game: stadium-wide power outage while the game was happening. With this power loss also came the abrupt stop of Internet connectivity. The stadium’s food business and retail shops were using the Revel iPad Point of Sale during this time and there were still sales processing as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Fortunately, Revel Systems has developed a unique hybrid architecture, which addresses this exact issue. Revel’s Always on Mode feature allows the Point of Sale to run on a local network while still maintaining the benefits and convenience of a cloud-based system. The local network was still able to operate without any issues or interruptions and allowed all functions to operate smoothly, including making sales transactions and collecting data later for business owners to analyze. The ASU stadium had this feature enabled on their Revel iPad Point of Sale System and were able to continue to stay up and running during the ASU football game. As a result, ASU was able to complete approximately 30,000 transactions within only 5 hours. Alfred Barker, the Executive VP of ASU Gourmet Services, who was working during this particular game day said, “With the new systems, it’s been like night and day. Now I basically can pull up on my laptop and find out what’s in each of my stands, what’s moving, what’s not ... it’s been a dream.” Baker was still able to successfully look at data, sales reports and use every function on the Revel’s iPad Point of Sale during and after the power outage.

Without the ‘Always on Mode’ feature and being able to be on offline mode, functionality wouldn’t have been able to continue as smooth as usual. ASU continues to utilize the Always on Mode feature with their Revel iPad Point of Sale systems to avoid losing business during future power outages, continue to deliver quality service for its customers and remain hassle free operationally during Internet down times.