New Year's Resolutions for your Grocery Store

We all make resolutions when the New Year rolls around; trying to lose weight, saving money, getting involved with charity work, or just spending more time with the family. The New Year always brings the opportunity to make changes and start fresh with a clean slate. If you’re a grocery store owner, your resolutions might fall more into the categories of increasing your customer base, cutting costs, or getting a better handle on your business needs.

Customers represent the biggest opportunity facing all businesses in 2015 and beyond. Grocers face an uphill battle and a unique set of challenges when trying to keep existing customers coming back, while getting new ones in the door. According to a story from SAP Business Innovation, customers are not getting everything they require from their local stores and markets. Grocery store customers, especially those who shop in smaller mom and pop type locations, expect a more personal experience as they shop. They want personal attention, and an understanding of the type of goods they want to purchase.

One way to assure you’re giving your customers the best option is by tracking what sells and what doesn’t. This may seem like a simple plan, but as we know, it’s difficult to keep track of everything when trying to run a successful small business. Let Revel help with Inventory Management on our iPad POS. You can keep track of inventory levels, manage purchases and reorders, and keep an eye on loss percentages instantly helping cut shrinkage and loss. It’s a great, easy to use backend solution that will save time and increase productivity.

Marketing, even for small businesses, is also an extremely important component to business profitability. There are several marketing solutions that have become quite popular over the past few years, with loyalty programs at the top of the list. It may be difficult for a small grocer to compete with huge chains offering membership cards and deep discounts, but there are a few options that can keep a small grocer or chain competitive.

A smaller grocery store can offer customers a more personal shopping experience, and can increase traffic and sales by starting or expanding social media marketing. Revel Systems has several solutions designed to help you get the most out of your store’s social media presence. While standard forms of advertising like newspapers and coupon mailers reach a segment of your customer base, social media can reach thousands of people with your message free of charge. The Revel iPad POS is fully integrated with the most popular social media outlets like Twitter, Yelp, and Foursquare so getting the word out is extremely easy. The New Year doesn’t have to be full of challenges and unknowns; especially if one of your resolutions is to call Revel Systems. Make 2015 a great New Year for you and your customers!

SAP Business Innovation