Prepping Your Restaurant for New Year's Eve

Half of all adults celebrate the holidays by dining out with friends and family. Restaurant owners rely on the revenue generated from this significant uptick in business. New Year’s Eve dining is a big part of that equation. Make sure your restaurant is prepared with the following tips to line up the customers and keep them leaving happy:

Drink Specials. Unlike your typical Wednesday crowd, New Year’s Eve customers are out for a party. No wonder the holiday season earns the alcohol industry over $40 billion in November and December alone. Manage your inventory and be on your A game with drink specials and bottle service this evening. Champagne and sparkling wines are also popular choices for the occasion.

Prep for Bigger Crowds. New Year’s Eve planning happens early, especially when you’re throwing the party. Preparation is key to meeting high expectations and demand. Do you have the seating accommodations and extra staffing on hand to service a full house? Book seasonal hires, as necessary, if regular crew members have the holiday off. Going away before New Year’s? Revel has you covered with labor reports that enable you to track and schedule your employees from abroad.

Entertainment. For a more festive atmosphere, many restaurants venture from the ordinary on New Year’s Eve. How will you stand out from the competition? Live entertainment is a popular choice. More involved possibilities include converting your dining room floor into a dance floor, or offering a balloon drop at midnight.

Creative Specials. New Year’s Eve warrants a menu of its own. As always, zero in on your clientele’s sensibilities. A four-course menu with a champagne toast is ideal for more intimate celebrations, while an appetizer package works well for larger crowds. In addition to the main meal, other creative specials may include an open bar option and complimentary champagne at midnight.

Get the Word Out.  Now that your restaurant is prepped for spectacular NYE service, it’s time to spread the word. Use social media and email marketing to announce your specials, reveal your menu, and introduce the night’s featured entertainment. Revel’s made it easier to engage customers via social media integration. Send NYE tweets regularly from your point of sale in the weeks leading up to the celebration, and use Foursquare to gauge when guests have arrived.