New and Improved Functionality for the Delivery Management Console


The Revel Systems Delivery Management Console gives business owners the power to monitor the delivery side of their business from one centralized console. The Delivery Management Console already offers the following functionality:

  • Average and individual delivery times
  • Delivery payment breakdowns
  • Average and individual food prep time
  • Tip tracking and breakdowns
  • Links to individual order details
  • Aggregate delivery totals

The updated Delivery Management Console allows for even more control and a more streamlined delivery process. All settings can be customized in the backend, allowing business owners to tailor delivery to their business. The updates are as follows:

  • Group deliveries by location. Streamline your business by grouping orders for delivery based on time request and address. Orders will queue according to time and location, allowing drivers to deliver multiple orders based on geographic location - orders are grouped according to building address and zip code.
  • Well-organized orders. Orders are grouped by current and upcoming, so a driver can see what’s next in the queue. Simply tapping the iPad will show order details, and users can see at a glance whether an order is paid or not (unpaid orders are red).
  • Step by step directions. See the GPS-powered, step by step directions - powered by Apple® Maps - on the Delivery Management Console. The driver heading out for delivery will see the directions clearly laid out. Coming soon:  delivery directions can be emailed to drivers en-route.


Delivery management console with driving directions Delivery management console with driving directions - click to enlarge



Delivery management console with order details Delivery management console with order details - click to enlarge



All settings are customizable in the backend - owners can, for example, set the maximum distance to which orders can be delivered. It’s easy to take orders for delivery on the iPad POS - the user simply has to add a customer to the order (and the customer must have a valid address attached to his or her profile) and mark that the item is for delivery.

Revel Systems provides business owners with the tools they need to run a thriving, successful business. The Delivery Management Console streamlines deliveries for both table service restaurants with the occasional delivery to take out restaurants for which delivery is their bread and butter. Regardless of your business size or demand for delivery, Revel offers you the tools necessary to streamline deliveries and ultimately improve your bottom line.