2014 Restaurant POS Software Buyer Report

Software Advice recently published its 2014 BuyerView Report, highlighting what restaurants owners are looking for in a restaurant POS system.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 55% of buyers are currently using manual methods to process payments and ring-up customers.
  • The remaining 45% of buyers are unhappy with their existing software and are looking to replace it.
  • One of the top requested features by buyers was tablet compatibility with many singling out iPads as their tablet of choice.

For those looking to either upgrade from their existing software or put POS software in place, Revel Systems iPad POS provides an intuitive, comprehensive, and tablet-based solution that meets many needs of the buyers surveyed for Software Advice.

The needs of buyers - and Revel’s subsequent ability to meet those needs - are as follows:

Restaurant owners seeking organization & efficiency
According to those surveyed, improvement in organization and efficiency are major factors for first-time POS software purchases. This is especially understandable when you consider that 55%  of buyers are currently using manual methods for payments, as cited above.
Reasons for switching restaurant POS systems

Revel Systems keeps businesses organized with its intelligent reporting suite, which includes up-to-the-minute reporting on sales, inventory, and labor. Integration with accounting software such as QuickBooks enables restaurants to keep track of their finances through one easy portal, increasing overall business efficiency.

Integration is key
Software Advice found that most buyers - 61% of those surveyed - are seeking an integrated suite, and were looking for “software with a broader set of features, usually encompassing accounting and employee management tools” as well as credit card processing and loyalty programs.
POS software integrated suite

Revel Systems offers a vast array of features that enable business owners to create a POS system that is tailored to their business. Features include tools for employee management - including labor forecasting, payroll, employee profit reports, and user access control. As mentioned above, Revel offers accounting software integration. Furthermore, Revel offers its own integrated loyalty program, and business owners have the option of integrating with third party loyalty programs and payment processors via our marketplace.

Inventory a major factor
Inventory management is requested by 48% of prospective buyers, followed by sales tracking (34%) and employee scheduling and clocking management (23%).
Inventory management is a major factor for restaurant POS software buyers

As noted in Software Advice, these features are often included in integrated POS software, and Revel is no exception. Revel’s software includes all of the desired features above and more. Revel especially addresses the need for inventory management. As Craig Wathen of City Beer Store notes, his inventory is now at his fingertips, as well as accessible on mobile phone. “The biggest challenge was we had so many products coming through,” said Craig. “I check my inventory and see what’s selling the best, and that gives me an indicator of what I need to get ready for the next day, and shows me trends and styles I might not have been aware of.”