Top 5 Tools to Optimize

Your customers walk into your business with two main priorities:

  1. Buy whatever it is they need
  2. Get in and out as fast as possible

As a restaurant owner, it is your job to fulfill these customer needs quickly and efficiently so you can get them to keep coming back. The key, however, is to provide services to the customer that optimizes their time in the restaurant. How is that possible? The biggest way is by making sure your customers are happy and having a great experience, without them knowing all of the work that goes into the restaurant. With this list of the top five tools to optimize your business you will have everything needed to ensure your restaurant is running at its fullest potential. These tools will help your business in countless ways, from day-to-day business to making sure of your success in the long run

Always On Mode

Do you want a POS system but are worried about technological issues slowing your business down? Revel System’s Always On Mode solves this dilemma. This mode allows you to continue operating your business even if there is a slow or unresponsive internet connection.

Technology is a huge part of everyone’s life in this day and age, but technical difficulties shouldn’t slow down your business. Revel recognizes this fact and the Always On Mode makes it possible for you to never have to shut down your business because of a connectivity issue. With this feature you never have to close early and will never lose a customer due to something beyond your control.

Table Layout Feature

Easily customize your restaurant for table service with Revel’s Table Layout Feature.

You can organize your restaurant in any way possible, making it extremely customizable for your businesses needs. This feature also helps organize and track tables, as well as transferring tables and bar tabs. Organizing your restaurant efficiently will help your servers quickly navigate their tables without any confusion. Revel will even set up the table layout in advance so when you get your POS system it is already set up and ready to go.

Online Ordering

Business owners are always trying to find ways for customers to have a better experience in their stores. What better way than increasing convenience and eliminating wait times? With online ordering customers can place orders ahead of time for delivery or pickup. You can allow the customer to order right on their phone and also allow them to customize their pickup time. This ease of ordering drives more customers into your restaurant and increases sales, while being more desirable to those in a hurry.

Delivery Management

Now that businesses have online ordering options they are going to need ways to manage their deliveries. Revel is the first iPad POS system to feature a fully integrated delivery management console. This makes it easy to integrate delivery options into your business without much hassle. The delivery tracking screen allows employees to easily see the status of all of the deliveries. With this feature it is easy to track and time delivery options as well as having all of the information report back to the cloud, making sure that orders are never lost.

Inventory Management and Purchase Order Generation:

One of the key parts of any business is Inventory Management. Keeping an accurate account of your inventory is vital to running a successful business. What if you didn’t have to guestimate these numbers anymore? Inventory Management allows you to keep a close eye on your stock levels, and receive alerts when you’re running low. Revel’s Purchase Order Technology allows you to generate purchase orders directly from the POS to order more items. This information will give owners the insight needed to supply more of the successful products when they need them, profiting their business in the long run.

Keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly. These five tools to optimize your business are just the start to what Revel’s POS system can do for your restaurant.