Preparing Your Restaurant for Mother's Day

Wikipedia states the first celebration of a modern Mother’s Day was a memorial service Anna Marie Jarvis organized for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia in 1908. Realizing she might be on to something, she began a campaign to get Mother’s Day recognized as a national holiday. She succeeded in 1914, making this year the 100th anniversary of the original Mother’s Day. In time, Anna grew frustrated with the commercialization of the holiday she founded, but her idea took hold and has been adopted and celebrated worldwide.

Traditionally held on the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day has grown into a huge holiday generating upwards of $18.6 billion, according to a 2012 report on MSN In fact, Mother’s Day is the fourth largest cash producing holiday behind Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. The report goes on to break down Mother’s Day purchases across the retail and restaurant industries, and it’s not surprising that close to 65% of consumers spend $2.2 billion on flowers. And, over half of all spenders (54.3 percent) will treat their Moms to a meal, dropping $3.4 billion in the process. This serves as a great opportunity for bars, restaurants and eateries across the nation.

There are many ways to prepare your restaurant for Mother’s Day. Restaurant Magazine put together a list of suggestions to help organize Mother’s Day to assure profitable results for your business.  A few ideas include:

  • Getting Creative with pre-fixe menus
  • Turning Mother’s Day into an annual brunch event
  • Adjusting prices for Mother’s Day Specials
  • Give Moms a thoughtful special gift--such as a flower at their place setting
  • Bring in live music to improve your restaurant’s ambiance

These simple solutions can help create a great restaurant experience that will assure return business year in and year out. And, a nice Mother’s Day meal will entice customers back during non-holidays as well and otherwise increase customer loyalty.

Making things just right for Mom on her special day is a sure way to guarantee Mother’s Day success for your restaurant. And, knowing what to stock and serve based on past year’s business results can get you ahead of the curve when planning this year’s Mother’s Day special offerings. Revel’s iPad POS is a perfect solution for keeping on top of all of your business challenges. Revel’s Intelligent Reporting function puts detailed sales numbers, product sales reporting, and a complete order history of every item purchased through your Revel iPad POS at your fingertips. If you don’t remember if the veal did well last year, you can look it up. Were you low on Chardonnay or was it the Cabernet? Your iPad POS knows for sure. How were the staffing levels? Revel’s iPad POS also handles scheduling.
Mother’s Day offers an exceptional opportunity for a profitable day for any restaurant. With Revel’s iPad POS helping out, you’ll be better able to focus on creating the best possible dining experience for your customers while we handle the details. After all, don’t Moms deserve the best?