Save Time at the Bar with Inventory Management

Craig Wathen at City Beer Store in San Francisco has a lot of inventory. In addition to having some of the best microbrews and IPA's on tap, you can also buy beer by the bottle to take home. We sat down with Craig to find out a bit more about how they use Revel for business.

City Beer store is a growing model for businesses that sell both product and service. Maybe your store has a sit down area for drinks, but also sells t-shirts and souvenirs for customers. It’s very rare to have a POS system like Revel that can handle both barcode items for products, as well as food and beverage workflows.

According to Craig, already an “apple guy,” Revel just made sense. Every day he conveniently checks data and sales reports from his phone, even when he can’t make it to the store. The features that really made Revel a valuable business asset to Craig were the inventory management and product mix reports.  Every week Craig has to manage stocking beers that are trending, as well as manage hundreds of beer labels and purchase orders. A lot of the smaller free POS apps can’t handle managing multiple types of data, but Revel keeps his business flowing along with his beer. Inventory tracking takes a significant amount of time for General Managers and Owners every week. Having this kind of tool for tracking and ordering can save staff hours per week. Time that one can spend on other parts of their business.

Craig is one of the pioneers in reimagining beer as a tasting event. If you find yourself in San Francisco, stop by and try one of the many varieties of IPAs and stouts at City Beer Store. It’s like wine tasting, but better! If you can’t make it down to the store, here is Craig's tip on finding the perfect beer.