Delivering Technology to Your Mouth

Imagine a sweltering sunny day. You’re with friends complaining about how hot it is outside. It’s the kind of day that makes you wish you won the Super Bowl, just so you could get that ice-cold gatorade bath dumped on your unsuspecting head. One of your friends blurts out, “You know what would be good right now? Ice cream!” Turns out the nearest ice cream parlor is miles away and the air conditioning in your car is out, so that’s out of the question. There’s no ice cream truck “jingle” within earshot and you think to yourself, “I wish someone would just bring me some.” As it turns out, there’s an app for that. Uber, known for its luxury ridesharing service, allowed users to order ice cream trucks for delivery on July 19th in honor of National Ice Cream Day. As easy as ordering a taxi for pickup, Uber added an ice cream truck to their car option screen. The added “Ice Cream” car request could spark other Uber offers in the future, such as ordering taco trucks or coffee trucks. Can Uber expand their brand into food trucks?

Using an app to deliver food on wheels is an exciting prospect for the restaurant industry, but what if you could deliver through the air? YO! Sushi has developed an “iTray,” which delivers burgers via quadcopter technology. Bold, yet a little whacky, the “iTray” is controlled by software on an iPad which allows waiters to guide the dish in real time video on the iPad’s screen. The old time parenting technique of “here comes the airplane” has taken on a ridiculously new meaning.

Both Uber and YO! Sushi have created exciting delivery methods for the restaurant industry, but are they using too much technology? Uber's delivery service is quite reasonable and has the ability to transform their brand into more than just a ridesharing service. YO! Sushi, on the other hand, could be seen as a gimmick to promote their already technologically based restaurant with Vortex Tube. So, which delivery method do you prefer? If it's the latter combined with the products, just make sure to get out of the way if a quadcopter is about to crash land.