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Top Benefits of Cloud POS System for Restaurants

Revel | December 8, 2022 |

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Top Benefits of Cloud POS System for Restaurants

Your point of sale (POS) system is not only a POS but a restaurant management platform that is the centerpiece of your business. Nowadays restaurants need an agile POS platform that allows businesses to adapt to the ever changing market. A cloud-based POS is the best POS system that allows you to quickly and easily integrate with new solutions as well as scale your business with ease. 

What is Cloud-Based POS Software?

Cloud-based POS software is a point of sale system housed on cloud infrastructure rather than on-site servers. These systems let operators store transaction history, manage inventory, schedule and pay employees and perform other business functions on a remote server rather than on-premises. 

Many cloud POS system providers offer subscription models where wraparound support, regular software updates, training, account management and more are included with the platform’s total cost. Let’s dive into the benefits of a cloud-based POS system.

What Are The Top Benefits of a Cloud-Based POS Software? 

1. Access a secure database from anywhere at any time. 

As a restaurant owner, you collect information constantly on customer spending habits, product sales, order histories, restaurant inventory and more through every transaction that is made. 

A cloud-based POS stores that data and keeps it encrypted and backed up while still offering operators the option of remote access to critical business figures. This gives you the flexibility you need to make essential business decisions at any time regardless of your location. 

The difference between a legacy and cloud POS system is that with a legacy system you must be physically in front of the machine or computer in order to access reports, product or sales information. With a cloud POS system, data is stored in the cloud, meaning it is constantly accessible. Reports can be viewed on a  smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere with a wireless signal or Internet connection. 

2. Enjoy easier integrations.

Cloud-based POS systems easily integrate with add-on software solutions. For example, an iPad POS system, like Revel Systems, has an expansive ecosystem through an open API, making it very fast and effective for other companies to integrate with the platform. 

With a cloud-based POS system you have the flexibility to integrate with the right software technology as your business needs shift with the market. If you find yourself needing to quickly add to your POS platform’s tech stack, no problem! Cloud infrastructure is built to be agile, able to easily adapt with the times and marketplace demands.  

As for legacy systems, they are very difficult to integrate with other POS software solutions, making the process of adding onto your POS tech stack very timely and not cost effective. Legacy machines work on their own fairly efficiently, but cannot be easily integrated with the rest of your restaurant management systems. 

3. Take advantage of lower cost.

Cloud-based POS systems are a lot more cost effective when it comes to items such as hardware, installation fees, maintenance of your POS system and more. Why do cloud POS systems have the edge? 

One significant area of difference is installation. Traditional POS systems require extensive on-site setup and demand large in-store footprints for servers and wiring. Because of this, they also have higher installation fees and hardware fees. 

The cost and headaches continue to mount for maintenance needs and software updates. Unlike their cloud counterparts, legacy systems again require on-site visits from technicians, often for even minor updates, which quickly adds up in time lost to other tasks as well as charges to your invoice.  

4. Never miss a sale with always on mode.  

One of the most frustrating moments in a business owner’s day is when a server goes down. This happens far too regularly with a traditional back-end server. In addition to lost sales revenue, downtime comes with the fear of permanent data loss.

An exclusive cloud-based POS feature includes Always On Mode, which allows you to keep transacting even if your Internet connection goes down. Revel’s advanced, hybrid architecture enables your POS to run uninterrupted offline or on a local network. Swiped payments taken offline are automatically queued and processed when your connection comes back. In addition, you can control the amount of offline transactions to mitigate the risk of offline payments.

5. Choose a POS system that scales with you. 

Your demands and needs change as your restaurant grows. Businesses that manage a large amount of restaurants need a robust, cloud-based POS system that can grow as the brand scales. 

And when you’re ready to add services like delivery or mobile payments to set locations, you can add functionality within minutes. Updates are made easy across terminals. 

With a legacy system, updates need to be made on-site and programming terminals and adding services is very timely. It can take weeks or even months to get a large amount of terminals up and running. 

Choose Revel Systems As Your Cloud-Based iPad POS System 

A cloud-based POS system will save you a lot of time and money as you look to scale your business. Choose Revel Systems as your cloud POS system of choice. Our robust tech stack embodies all the benefits mentioned above and more. Check out our solutions and contact us for a free demo today!