The Case for the Apple iPad POS Platform

Apple Cloud Technology is a Key Factor to a Growing Business 

To run a successful business, some of the many factors you have to consider include great customer service, high employee satisfaction and, of course, maintaining a profitable business. To achieve this, your business must have the right technology in place. That is why the point of sale (POS) platform you choose to run your business is so important. Old legacy systems won’t cut it anymore. In fact, legacy systems’ infrastructure leave your business vulnerable to security issues and significant downtime, often operating on old software. These systems cost significantly higher than their cloud-based competitors, and they are difficult to integrate with other applications, which is especially important as your business grows. 

The cloud is the future for POS tech. This blog post takes this idea even further, and explains the benefits of having a cloud-based POS platform that runs on the Apple iPad, backed by Apple’s iOS operating system.

Apple iPad is a High Performing Solution

If you’re skeptical about iPads in a business setting, there are a few reasons software designed for and housed on the Apple iPad, backed by Apple’s iOS operating system are a great way to go. This hardware and software combination is a high-performing solution that is durable, stable, secure and remarkably easy to use. And because the POS is installed on valuable front counter real estate at businesses, an Apple-based solution will likely leverage the brand’s world-class design standards. A sleek iPad POS can fit on every counter and help elevate and extend a merchant’s brand. Here are are some of the benefits having an Apple iPad hardware for your POS system can benefit your business: 


Apple iPads are proven to reliably perform in both kitchen and front-of-house environments. As for a time-tested example of this, Revel has deployed more than 100,000 iPads in the field over the last 10 years, and the return rate has been less than 1 percent. In restaurant kitchens, where a larger screen is critical to complete accurate and timely orders, integrated kitchen display screens (KDS) can deliver the same durability as the iPad for high-volume kitchens where grease and heat are key considerations. Peter Villari, managing director of vehicle inspections at Dekra says, “As you can imagine, our stores by their nature are tough environments with dirt and grease elements in play.  We have had no problems with the lifespan or reliability of the iPads. In fact, quite the opposite: they are more resilient than traditional POS terminals."


Apple designs security into its platform’s core. It runs on the  world’s most advanced mobile operating system, using a security architecture that addresses the unique requirements of a restaurant or retail environment. Recently the brand has emerged a leader in data privacy and protection for consumers. Apple devices protect not only the device and its data, but the entire ecosystem. This includes everything users do locally, on networks, and with key Internet services. Additionally, Apple’s operating system is a closed system, which can make it more difficult for hackers to find vulnerabilities on iOS-powered devices. And because Apple’s applications are sandboxed and iOS is locked, malware compromises are rare.  


The iPad allows for great scalability. As a mobile device, iPads leverage a cloud infrastructure for data storage and transfer, meaning systems can tap into business-critical information, like reports and restaurant menus, quickly and easily. Software updates are regular and don’t require on-site support. Additionally, operators can view essential insights or make changes on the back-end from anywhere at any time. The iPad makes it easy to remotely manage multiple locations. And as a business grows, Apple’s intuitive interface makes training a breeze for onboarding new team members. 

Ease of Use

We touched on this briefly in the last section, but the iPad’s user interface simplifies transactions for employees and customers, ensuring quick training for staff, efficient ordering experiences for customers, and fast-moving lines at registers. The familiar interface makes it easy for employees and customers to use. The vast majority of employees in the workforce are familiar with iPads or iPhones in their personal life, and can adapt almost immediately to the flow of an Apple-based solution. Training time on legacy solutions is approximately 6-10 hours, while cloud-based customers  regularly report that 60 minutes is plenty of time to get an employee trained. Jame Newell from FAT Brands said, “Operators report that employees are often able to fully navigate Revel’s technology in less than 60 minutes with minimal training.”

FAT Brands Found Success with the Apple iPad POS System

FAT Brand has realized numerous benefits deploying the Revel Enterprise® POS platform. Some of those benefits have been reduced costs, more features, ease of use and user experience, scalability and reliability.  Going with cloud-based software and iPad hardware saved them thousands of dollars and allowed them to have a technology package that would deliver all the features they needed to run and analyze their businesses. In addition, the iPad form factor and Apple operating system allowed them to easily train their employees with reliable hardware they are already familiar with.

Run your Business with Technology and Hardware you Trust

Revel provides a native cloud technology platform that is at the heart of thousands of restaurant and retail businesses. Housed on the Apple iPad and backed by Apple’s iOS operating system, Revel is proud to provide clients with a powerful and secure tablet for their point of sale platform.

To learn more about the Apple iPad products we offer today, visit our hardware page.