The Benefits of Product Releases

Revel Blog | Kelly Hogan | July 22, 2021 |

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Product Release Benefits 

Product releases are essential when it comes to providing the best, up-to-date technology for the customers we serve. That is why Revel does seasonal product releases to make sure we are providing the best technology to our customers, allowing them to run their business without complications.

This blog post will first take you through the importance of product releases and why they are beneficial to our customers. Next, we’ll walk you through our product release process and some of our exciting product updates in Revel’s latest 2.71 release coming at the end of July 2021.

Importance of Seasonal Product Release Updates

  • The first reason is faster and better feedback. The more we put out product updates, the more feedback our product engineering team will receive from our customers. Customer insights show us what is working well and what needs improvement. Customers' opinions are the ones that matter, so having that continuous feedback that will help our customers run their businesses and be involved in the process makes a huge difference.
  • The second reason is better handling of bugs that may appear within a product. Product releases allow our team to do continuous testing. Through testing, we’re able to more easily find and fix bugs when they arise. This takes the burden off of our customers and reduces customer support calls that may occur if these bugs weren’t first found in a quality assurance environment.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, product releases allow our customers to stay competitive in the market and be equipped with technology that will help their business scale, increase profitability and streamline overall operations. Seasonal product releases equip our customers to have the most up-to-date software. This includes continual bug fixes so operations stay uninterrupted. It also allows for add-on features to products, offering new capabilities and process improvements for smoother overall operations.

Steps Revel takes with Each Product Release 

Now that we have given you some background on the importance of product releases, let's dive into our current 2.71 release. As mentioned, Revel is committed to always improving our products, so our customers can run their businesses without complications and with the best technology in the market. We take many steps leading up to the release to ensure everyone is armed with the right amount of resources and has visibility into what the release entails. Some of those steps include:

  • Sending out communications prior to the release and the day the release is live to all our customers letting them know what updates took place and where to go for support materials related to the release for assistance. 
  • Inviting customers and partners to do User Acceptance Testing and give feedback to our product engineering team and integrated partner team to ensure a smooth transition to the upgraded apps. 
  • Rolling the release out in batches instead of all at once, so we ensure the release is going smoothly and limit the amount of issues that may occur. 

Revel’s latest 2.71 App Release

Our upcoming 2.71 app release includes some exciting new features and enhancements. Here are a few of our favorites:

Online Ordering XT Updates

Enhancements to our Online Ordering XT solution include group combo support, payment service support and generic user experience (UX) improvements.

New Como Integration

With the new Como integration, you will have the ability to look up a user or register them from the point of sale (POS). You will also be able to use Loyalty Pay as a tender or discount when an account is attached to an order. Furthermore, if you have Online Ordering XT, you’ll have the ability to allow users to join a loyalty program using their phone number and apply available awards at checkout.

Due Date Improvements

On the POS, due date screens will have new functionality for improved accuracy. Also, the due date has been made more obvious on kitchen display system (KDS) tile modes, and you can organize orders by due date on the KDS for smoother order flow and efficiency.

Combos in the Kitchen

We’ve made some significant updates to how combos in the kitchen are handled. Some of those updates include:

  1. Linked combos on kitchen display system (KDS) views, grouped by either combo name or base product.
  2. In KDS tile views, the ability to interact with each product in the combo.
  3. Combos on Revel’s kitchen tickets, without needing a template.

Revel is Dedicated to our Customers’ Success

We are excited to continue our product releases and better our Revel Apps going forward. Our customers come first, which is why we work tirelessly to provide the technology and support that will allow businesses to thrive and alleviate operational issues. Check out our 2.71 release article for a full listing of new functionality. Not a Revel client yet? Request a free demo today to learn more about what our solutions have to offer!