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3 Ways to Maximize Your Cafe’s Self Serve Kiosk

Self serve kiosks are rapidly popping up in brick and mortar shops and can be a great asset in your cafe. A kiosk provides customer engagement and autonomy in making purchasing decisions. Since kiosks can be leveraged for a variety of purposes, having clear goals in mind is necessary to deliver the...

The Station SF

Great food, great service, and great coffee

Cafe or Coffice?

In the past we’ve explored whether it makes sense to provide free WiFi at your cafe. Does offering free WiFi to your customers benefit the bottom line, or does it only serve to take up valuable table space? Our conclusion was that as WiFi-enabled devices become ever more ubiquitous, consumers grow...

Business Tips for Small Cafes

Specialty cafes are popping up everywhere, targeting specific market segments with featured menu selections, themes, and services. The one thing all of these cafes have in common is competition from huge national chains, which seem to be on every corner.

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