Technical Support Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel Blog | Revel Systems | September 2, 2021 |

People POS Spotlight

How Edvinas Helps Execute Technical Support at Revel

Our “People POS” series returns with a closer look at the people behind Revel’s leading cloud-native platform. Most recently we featured Kristin, a sales development representative lead who is often the first touchpoint a potential client has with Revel. 

Long after a contact’s first call with Kristin, when their business becomes a full-fledged client, our 24/7 support team steps in to assist as needed. In this post, we’re shining a light on the tremendous work they do to assist Revel clients through the lens of a stellar Revel team member. Senior Technical Support Specialist Edvinas strives to provide clients with a positive experience when they connect with him for technical assistance—and hopefully share a laugh at the same time. 

Meet Edvinas

Born and raised in Lithuania, Edvinas has called the capital city of Vilnius home his entire life. While studying information technology (IT) at Vilnius University, he learned everything from computer programming, to server management and networking. He also maintained a restaurant server job for two years throughout his studies where he witnessed firsthand the effect technology can have on the dining experience for guests.

While he didn’t know it at the time, his studies and his job as a restaurant server would eventually help him thrive in his role at Revel. When Edvinas found himself two years into his college degree with a strong skill set, he began to seek out a new job. He received a call from a recruiting company that was contacting him on behalf of Revel, and after several rounds of interviews, he received an offer to join the team as a support specialist. 

After six months on the job, Edvinas was promoted to Senior Technical Support Specialist where he has the opportunity to help Revel clients find solutions to their questions and make the most out of Revel’s platform. 

A Closer Look at Technical Support Today

Revel’s technical support team is available to Revel clients day and night, 365 days a year via email and phone. Clients also have access to a robust resource center through Revel’s dedicated support website, featuring product guides, FAQs, and Revel University, a video collection of tutorial content. When clients email or call in, technical support specialists like Edvinas are available to help them find a resolution to whatever their question may be about the Revel platform. 

For Edvinas, his day typically consists of scheduled and unscheduled calls to check in on clients with ongoing questions. He also answers calls in real time, and joins weekly training sessions on Revel’s latest features and enhancements. 

“If I’m ever not sure of an answer for a client, I know I have access to a lot of articles managed by really smart people spanning our support and engineering departments,” Edvinas says. “All of the technical support specialists work together to learn from each other’s experiences and grow our platform expertise. And if I ever don’t understand a topic, a manager is always available."

When asked what his favorite part about working at Revel is, Edvinas notes that it’s a combination of the client interaction, and the opportunities he has to further his career. 

“I love that you can learn and grow here,” Edvinas explains. “We also have amazing clients. I find myself laughing a lot. Every day I have a few funny clients, a few very thankful clients, and some who make my day.” 

How Edvinas Brings It Home

Edvinas is based out of Revel’s European operational center of excellence in Vilnius, Lithuania which houses staff in fulfillment, support, engineering, billing and quality assurance departments. According to Edvinas, the global aspect of Revel’s operations make his job really interesting, and he’s always learning as a result. 

“I write to a lot of people in the company, including account managers and our sales team. They’re typically based in the U.S., and I really enjoy the fact that I get to connect with people from different cultures and chat with them,” he explains. 

When Edvinas initially accepted his role at Revel, he admits that the English-speaking component of the job made him nervous. 

“When I was in tenth grade, I struggled to pick up the English language. I’m more of a math person, and I also think I was afraid to make a mistake,” Edvinas says. “At that time, I couldn't have believed I’d have an English-speaking role, working with people from all over the world.”

During tenth grade and beyond, Edvinas watched the National Basketball Association (NBA) and various movies and TV shows in English to pick up the language. And it paid off.

“I took a bit of a risk by accepting the role at Revel because I wasn’t extremely confident with my English,” Edvinas explained. “And so far it has paid off 150 percent. I’m more confident in my language skills than ever before and I love getting to learn new accents while chatting with clients on the phone.”

Outside of work, Edvinas’s passions align with his skill set in the office—they usually involve fixing and building things. He enjoys fixing up cars and motorcycles and has owned his own motorcycle for five years. He also spent the past year singlehandedly renovating his own flat. Whether he’s focused on his motorcycle or his renovation project, he’s thankful for the new skills he picks up along the way because according to Edvinas, you have that skill for life. 

Noteworthy Extras

Vilnius is known as a technology hub in Lithuania, and attracts a lot of technology companies seeking top talent as a result. According to Edvinas, there are clear differentiators that make Revel a top-choice employer amongst the noise. 

“First of all, we have a very nice product. Vilnius also has a lot of tech startups, which can sometimes be volatile. My job would be much more difficult at a startup because you’d typically be responsible for things that aren’t your job,” Edvinas explains. “Things are managed so well at Revel. There are also so many bonuses to enjoy, like company-wide happy hours and team philanthropy initiatives around the holidays. All of these things combine to create a really nice atmosphere.”

These differentiators make Revel a unique place to work, and career growth is always top of mind. Since 2018 alone, 137 employees have been promoted across Revel’s operational center of excellence in Vilnius. And Revel is always looking for new talent to join the team

“The whole company is amazing. Now that I've graduated from university, I would love to continue to grow here,” says Edvinas. 

What’s Next

It’s intelligent and caring technical support specialists like Edvinas that make Revel’s support team such a helpful resource to Revel clients and employees alike. If you’re a Revel client in need of additional support, Edvinas and his team are only a phone call or email away.