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Sales Development Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel Systems | July 27, 2021 |

People POS Spotlight
Sales Development Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

How Kristin Helps Execute Sales Development at Revel

As the “People POS,” Revel Systems® prides itself on a culture of putting people—from our clients to our employees—first. This series highlights just some of the team members that help execute that mission. We most recently featured Tim, a sales lead in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and one of Revel’s most tenured employees. 

Before a potential client speaks with a sales lead like Tim, Revel’s sales development representatives (SDRs) likely speak with them first. SDRs play a critical role in Revel’s success, checking on factors that confirm Revel is a great fit for prospects and vice versa. As an SDR lead, Kristin helps ensure the initial interactions that potential clients have with Revel are both positive and helpful. Before we explore her current role at Revel, let’s take a look at how Kristen got here. 

Meet Kristin

At a glance, Kristen’s early career roles may look more like the entrance to a jungle gym than the starting rungs of a traditional career ladder. After getting a degree in hospitality management, she moved to Texas to take a position as the director of student nutrition for her local school district. The role put her in charge of the budget, menu development and administration of 10 school cafeterias. She also worked closely with the point of sale (POS) vendor that each school had in place and quickly realized what differentiated an adequate POS from an industry-leading POS. 

A promotion eventually caused her to relocate to Arizona where she pursued her Masters of Business Administration (MBA), and with her degree in hand Kristin eventually landed in Atlanta to be closer to family. After getting to know Revel at a hospitality management career fair, her curiosity was sparked around the vendor side of the POS industry. 

“I had already experienced being the person on the other side of the phone asking, ‘What can this POS offer me that my competitor can’t?’ and ‘Can this POS offer my business what it needs to thrive?’” Kristin explains. “I felt well equipped to respond to these types of questions because I understood what the end user needed.”

Kristin swiftly landed a role as a sales development representative (SDR) at Revel and was promoted to a team lead less than one year later.   

A Closer Look at Sales Development Today

At Revel, Kristin typically begins her day by sorting through inquiries and distributing leads to fellow SDRs. Kristin and her team are also always prepared to answer inbound calls to Revel’s sales number. Whether the caller is interested in learning more about Revel or needs to be connected to a team member, Revel’s SDR team is there to assist. 

“In some ways, we are the faces of Revel because we are often the very first touch point that someone has with the company. Their initial interaction with our team gives potential clients a taste of the entire company, and we take a lot of pride in that. My goal is to provide a high level of customer service,” Kristin explains.  

Patience, according to Kristin, is an essential skill to have as an SDR. Every business is unique, which translates to very different POS needs and varying buying cycles. Her patience oftens pays off when someone she’s previously talked with calls her back personally and decides to move forward with Revel. 

“It’s such an amazing feeling because I feel like I made an impact on them and their decision. I’ve had people personally call me back six months after initially saying they weren’t ready to make a decision and then move forward with Revel. And there’s absolutely no problem with that!” she says.  

When asked what some of the most common questions the SDR team fields are, Kristin explains that operators are very eager to learn more about native online ordering and delivery management solutions. Operators also commonly seek out Revel because they’re looking to expand their business and know Revel’s cloud-based infrastructure lends itself to scalability.

Ultimately, selecting a new POS is a decision that involves a lot of critical factors, and whatever the question may be, Kristin reports that she is always impressed by the amount of research that people have done prior to contacting Revel. 

How Kristin Brings It Home

Kristin is quick to explain that two of her favorite parts about working at Revel are the people she works with and the clients with whom she develops relationships. She’s a self-proclaimed “people person,” and uses that skill set to openly and honestly chat with potential clients who are looking to make a big decision for their businesses. Her people-person mentality also trickles down to her commitment to being an approachable team lead.

“As a team lead, I’m making sure that all of our SDRs are comfortable. That’s my primary goal,” says Kristin. “As SDRs, it’s also important to remember that we’re not selling, we’re really educating and qualifying potential clients to make sure Revel is a mutually beneficial fit.”

Quickly promoted to SDR lead less than a year after starting at Revel, Kristin felt like the new role confirms that Revel’s sales leadership team really trusts her and her skill set. 

“Revel gives me the tools I need to always stay on top of my game. And when I feel like I don’t know the answer to something, I know there are dozens of people that would help me with the snap of a finger. That makes my job so much easier, and I can really see myself growing here,” she explains.

Today, Kristin still takes pride in meeting and exceeding her quota, and shares that she considers herself to be her biggest competitor. According to Kristin, passing a contact over to sales and watching them close is “the best feeling.”

Noteworthy Extras

Of course, Kristin finds joy and wins outside of Revel’s walls, too. Growing up, Kristin’s mom had a job that caused the family to move overseas to Japan. As a result, she completed both middle school and high school in Japan and had a wonderful experience. Exposure to travel at an early age triggered a passion for it, and when Kristin opts to take much-deserved time off of work, she enjoys visiting new places. 

In addition to traveling, she is also passionate about spending time with her fianc​​é and two-year-old son. As a family, they love trying new restaurants in Atlanta and experimenting with creative dishes at home. 

What’s Next

Revel’s SDR team continues to be a huge driver of success for Revel. We’re thankful to have such a hard-working, people-centric team in place. Together, the SDRs work with the rest of their fellow Revelers to serve up a positive experience from a prospect’s very first exposure to the company. When all goes well, that prospect transforms into a new, then long-standing client with the leading cloud-based POS platform on the market.