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International Solution Partner Sales Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel Systems | January 24, 2022 |

People POS Spotlight
International Solution Partner Sales Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

How Pritesh Helps International Solution Partner Sales at Revel

With a new year upon us, we’re excited to roll out even more fresh spotlights on the many talented employees who help make Revel the “People POS.” This series spotlights just some of the many teammates behind the leading cloud-native point of sale (POS) on the market. 

We most recently featured Amanda, the senior director of operations and fulfillment at Revel. Before Amanda’s team is able to help fulfill hardware orders, account executives like Pritesh step in to promote the competitive advantages Revel offers in the POS space. 

Read on to learn how Pritesh has forged a unique path at Revel and has helped grow a critical line of business for the company. 

Meet Pritesh

For over four and half years, Pritesh has been instrumental in leading Revel’s solution partner business forward in our international markets. As the International Solution Partner Manager, Pritesh takes on many responsibilities—he effortlessly supports nine solution partners spanning multiple countries and time zones while simultaneously focusing on channel growth and strategy. His work helps extend Revel's reach to countries where we don't have a direct sales presence.

But Pritesh hasn’t always been a sales mastermind at Revel. At age 18 he wasn’t sure about his career direction and took advantage of a lucrative program offered in the United Kingdom. 

Known as an apprenticeship, Pritesh enrolled in a unique program that allowed him to immediately take a position in a line of business that interested him. In return he received a small salary and studied one day a week for an entry-level course which could help him pursue a college degree after the program ended. 

“I completed my apprenticeship with Barclays bank in the retail segment and it was a great opportunity for me knowing university wasn’t the right fit for me at the time. I worked on the frontlines of the bank doing typical duties and still had the opportunity to study,” Pritesh explains. 

Pritesh excelled in the program and ended up staying with Barclays for nearly five years. Towards the end of his time at the bank, a previous manager had made the switch to Revel and let Pritesh know that there was a great opportunity available to join a quickly-growing technology company. 

“My role at the bank was beginning to feel stagnant, so I jumped at the chance to join Revel knowing I could really grow here,” Pritesh says. “I was originally hired as an account executive doing direct sales; I had done a bit of selling at the bank and was able to transfer those skills over.” 

When an opportunity emerged to be an international Solution Partner manager, Pritesh understood that it was an entirely new role for the region and would come with its own set of challenges. 

It ended up being an extremely positive leap of faith, and he enjoys the fact that there are new challenges, new relationships and new wins to celebrate every day. 

A Closer Look at International Solution Partner Sales Today

An official Revel Solution Partner goes through robust vetting to become a certified seller of Revel’s product in their own respective markets. Solution Partners are experts in Revel’s platform and benefit from a direct line of communication from internal team members like Pritesh. 

Revel’s Solution Partner business differs from direct sales in that it’s more about supporting and enabling what our partners can do. According to Pritesh, partners often “bleed Revel blue” and are keen to get Revel in the hands of as many end-users as possible because they understand the platform’s capabilities. 

“I take more of a manager role and guide them to help make sure they’re delivering what Revel is capable of. That can be a variation of negotiating discounts, making feature requests, helping them manage timelines, and more,” Pritesh explains. “The goal is to ultimately help them run themselves, while knowing they always have a direct line of support here.”

Despite the Solution Partner business model being relatively new for Revel’s book of business internationally, Revel’s U.S.-based team had already built a strong foundation of Solution Partners stateside and had begun to grow the business internationally when Pritesh stepped in to manage it. 

Today, Pritesh notes that there’s a big variation in terms of how much each of the nine international Solution Partners sell and what products they sell. However, he shares that it’s part of what makes the job fun.

“We have a massive advantage in markets where we have partners because we have someone on the ground through our program. It really gives us a competitive edge over other POS companies. Our partners represent us so well and are really educated on their respective markets.”

That competitive advantage is what helps Pritesh continually be a top performer at Revel, and he’s not slowing down.  

How Pritesh Brings It Home

To help him manage Solution Partners across multiple time zones, the relationships Pritesh has built with internal stakeholders at Revel equip him to step up for his partners when unexpected circumstances arise. 

When a new regulation was projected to affect the Solution Partner network in Saudi Arabia recently, Pritesh was able to quickly communicate with Revel’s product engineering team to complete a game-changing feature request. 

“A lot of my time is spent making sure we can continue our sales process with clients and make sure our Solution Partners can deliver and tackle any of the walls they are hitting,” Pritesh says. “Completing that feature request really helped save the market in Saudi Arabia in a lot of ways, and I’m thankful to work with a team that’s willing to pivot alongside me.”

Noteworthy Extras

Despite having only worked at two companies since beginning his career, Pritesh is quick to note some clear benefits he has enjoyed at Revel. 

“I didn’t feel like I could express myself in my previous role the same way I can at Revel. Here I have my own market and it’s almost like my own baby. The more you grow it and the more successful it is, the more endorphins you get,” Pritesh says. “We are going to have good days and bad days, but ultimately we all have the same agenda and I love the challenge.”

Something that Pritesh also makes very clear is how much he appreciates the Revel team he works with internationally, one that he describes as a “family.” 

“Everyone has their own unique traits, and we learn a lot from each other. They’re out there doing the frontline push work for direct selling, and I try to learn from them and allow those learnings to influence what I’m doing with the Solution Partner network,” he explains. 

What’s Next

As a gaming and travel enthusiast, you’ll likely catch Pritesh relaxing at home planning his next trip when he’s not helping drive new business for Revel’s Solution Partners. His half Pomeranian, half Husky dog keeps him very busy as well. 

As Revel’s network of Solution Partners continues to grow, we look forward to watching how market experts like Pritesh help drive innovation and success for the business.